Randolph Waldman, MD

I love our PatientNOW Software System. We have implemented it at our practice, and the folks at PatientNOW couldn’t have been more helpful. It functions well in all areas of our office … as well as allows our patients to complete paperwork electronically

S5 EP5 | Operate Your Practice As If It Were For Sale

Partner of OJM Group, Attorney & Wealth Management Expert, David Mandell, returns to the show to talk about the importance of implementing systems & processes to maximize value, how to…

PatientNow Social Media Upgrade

Connecting with the right audience at the right moment is a constant challenge made more complicated by the ever changing landscape of social media and search marketing.

How to Choose the Best Aesthetic Clinic Software for Your Practice?

Nowadays, the liberating possibility of a paperless clinic is more real than ever. Digital apps and technology have seeped into diverse dimensions of everyday life, particularly with respect to the…