Protecting Your Practice: Coverwell’s Guide to Minimizing Financial and Reputational Risks

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Topics Covered:

  • Introduction: Overview of the importance of protecting medical aesthetic practices.
  • Understanding the Risks: Exploring the financial and reputational risks of medical aesthetic practices.
  • Identifying Gaps in Coverage: Discussing common gaps in insurance coverage and risk management strategies.
  • Introducing Coverwell: Overview of Coverwell’s mission and approach to addressing industry challenges.
  • Key Features and Benefits: Highlighting specific features and benefits of Coverwell’s comprehensive protection plan.
  • Case Study: Overview of Coverwell Member real-world scenario where Coverwell would have helped mitigate risks and protect their practice.
  • Live Q&A session with attendees

Presented by: Lee Evans, CEO, CoverWell

Audrey Neff is the Director of Marketing for PatientNow & RxMarketing, which provide practice management & marketing solutions for over 3,000+ aesthetic practices worldwide. Audrey brings a decade of experience in sales & marketing — six years of which has been in medical aesthetics. She is a frequent industry speaker on practice management and is faculty for 17+ medical associations and conferences across the U.S.

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