Billing / Scheduling

Enhance your workflow with our easy and comprehensive scheduling software solutions.  With pre-defined appointment types, you can:

  • Schedule patients with the right providers and staff
  • Reserve rooms and equipment as needed
  • Be aware of cancellations and available appointment slots
  • Track patients as they move throughout your facility
  • Synchronize with your Smartphone or MS Outlook
  • Learn all scheduling functions in 1 day or less

Color-coding for schedules and appointments allows you to quickly understand the daily schedule. You can specify the way you view the schedule, with varying time increments.

To prevent scheduling inconsistencies, your appointments can be assigned with a default time span.

Within your schedule, the Pathways program will manage tasks as they relate to your clinical workflow – from the referral all the way through treatment.

  • Automatically print documents such as referral thank you letters
  • Assigns clinical tasks (biopsy follow-ups, for example) to the right staff members
  • Prompt documentation of tasks and protect yourself against liability

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Cosmetic Invoices

Our robust system allows building of multiple quotes based on patient requests or physician recommendations.  Quote templates can match your existing templates or be designed to your specifications. Options include detailed quotes, global quotes and customized quotes for specialty practices.

Invoice creation also works seamlessly with your inventory tracking, updating your product count automatically at point-of-sale.

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Insurance billing with PatientNow

Process your insurance claims with speed and accuracy.  With Patient Now, you can determine patient eligibility within seconds and track claims in real time.  Once a claim leaves your office, you can track its status within the patient’s adjudication system.