ROI for Integrated Payments

Payment processing is a regular part of your business, but did you know the right processor can save you time and increase profitability? Try out the calculator below to see how your clinic can grow using a fully integrated payment system offered by PatientNow.

Front Desk Hourly Rate


Office Manager Hourly Rate


Total Appointments Per Month


Non-Integrated Payments

PatientNow Payments

Patient Checkout

6 minutes/ea

.5 minutes/ea

Membership Management

9 minutes/ea

0 minutes/ea

Daily Close Out

70 minutes/month

50 minutes/month

Monthly Labor Costs



Monthly savings: $920.00

Labor savings: 39.00 hours

Time savings: 90.20%

ROI Calculator Considerations and Assumptions
This calculator was developed using actual clinic times to create the constants for the amount of time it takes for checkout, membership, etc. Your results may vary based on the amount of time your clinic actually takes to perform these different tasks.

Create invoices, process payments, manage inventory and drive revenue directly from your patient and practice management software. Detailed reporting offers business insights.

Multiple payment options give customers easier ways to pay quickly, safely and conveniently.

Membership programs encourage clients to return regularly. Drive per-patient spend with a robust rewards program that’s built right in.

Load your products into the system, connect your credit card reader and accept payments. Track sales and inventory in real time.

Get paid faster and minimize risk with groundbreaking pay-per-procedure insurance for the medical aesthetics industry.