Gregory Alouf, MD


Gregory Alouf, MD

Dr. Gregory Alouf was seeking an electronic health record (HER) system to keep up with his growing Medspa in 2008. “The simplicity of patientNOW attracted me,” he said.

Upon implementing the new software, Dr. Alouf’s practice was able to cut down on time-consuming tasks like entering a medication or writing a prescription. This allowed them to be more cost-effective while running a much more user-friendly EHR. Using patientNOW’s customizable templates, Dr. Alouf was able to tackle tasks that may have initially appeared daunting.

With patientNOW, Dr. Alouf enjoyed benefits such as automated re-call reminders, paperless documentation and scheduling, and customized eBlasts. Overall, he says, patientNOW provides

“incredible data collection, easy data retrieval, and the ability to compile data wonderfully. Compared to some other systems I’ve used, patientNOW makes retrieving laboratory data and patient notes a breeze because everything is so uniquely and concisely compiled in each patient’s chart. Everything’s right there for you – simplified.”

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