How the Best EMRs for Medical Spas Help Generate Repeat Patients

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It’s basic business that patients who already bought once are easier to convince to buy again. You can attract them through valuable incentives, including: 

  • Discounts 
  • Rewards 
  • The personal touch 
  • Referrals
  • Consistency  

With you, they know what they’re getting. In times of trouble, those repeat clients are a lifeline for businesses and should be the focus of your marketing efforts. And in the Summer of 2022, we’re heading for uncertain times. 

In Times of Trouble, Longtime Patients Are Your Best Friends 

A lot is happening right now, including:  

  • Volatility in the stock market 
  • Out-of-control inflation 
  • Absurd gas prices 
  • A rising cost for consumer goods thanks to the chip shortage 

Rising costs mean people are tightening their belts and neglecting their health and wellness when they need it most. Stresses are rising too, and financial stresses are at the forefront. Financial stress drives chronic stress and strain on relationships more than any other type — so clients have started to tighten their budgets. 

Elective procedures and “luxuries” end up on the chopping block first and shouldn’t. People need these kinds of holistic wellness services to stay happy and healthy. 

But convincing them to spend what little cash they might have on hand is hard. They aren’t coming to med spas; they are counting change to buy groceries and gas or making sure they can meet their childcare costs. 

How can a med spa EMR help bring them back in? 

The Best EMR for Medical Spas Does More than Keep Records

PatientNow’s holistic service makes it easy. 

Our platform has several incredible features that make re-converting previous clients easier than ever. You have to remind them of the peace of mind that your med spa brings them and why they need it in these troubled times — and PatientNow’s options do just that. 

Automated patient communication, recurring membership programs, loyalty rewards and more are great drivers for client retention.

Our EMR solutions make marketing easy

And in addition to PatientNow’s EMR, we also offer robust marketing through RxMarketing which includes:

Website Design 

The best site design goes unnoticed but impresses. A custom website that’s just as easy to navigate as the services you provide reminds your clients of the value that you brought to their lives and their overall wellness. 

RxMarketing provides expert web design service with a mobile-responsive site that’s capable of working with any device. Clients notice when you work to meet their needs, even if they don’t realize it.  

Our web design feature is all about providing the same easy experience online that your clients can get in your practice.  

Want an inside look at the PatientNow EMR?


Any client who received an elective procedure from you is living the “before & after” photo. They might not even remember the before. 

You can showcase your incredible work using RxMarketing in conjunction with your PatientNow med spa EMR platform through a holistic set of products and plugins that make it easy to keep everything in one place. The RxPhoto plugin integrates into the same package as RxMarketing as part of the best marketing & EMR suite for med spas.

It’s easy to set up, and you can use it to remind your previous clients about the incredible work you did for them before. 

Search Engine Optimization 

Repeat clients might remember what you did for them every day, but they might not remember the fine details about your practice. Maybe they can’t remember the address or the name of the doctor who helped them out. If you’re already on their mind, they need a way to find you fast. 

That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. 

When a repeat client searches for med spas and clinics in their area, they need to find your name near the top of the list. SEO drives the “oh yeah” moment — when the client is already thinking about you, and with a little push, everything comes rushing back.  

Strategic Content 

SEO needs content to work well. When they find you, the clients you’ve served before are more likely to read your content and find some value in it. With a call to action at the end, you can use content to drive them forward more often than new clients — right into making an appointment at your med spa. 

Best of all, you already have all their information because you chose the best EMR solutions. When you make booking an appointment easy, your return clients are even happier to come back. 

Brand Awareness and Social Media 

Businesses can reach their clients who aren’t actively looking for them through the social media that customers browse every day. 

Those little reminders — paid ads or regular posts that share news about new services or special promotions — put your med spa in the back of their mind like nothing else. The more they’re reminded, the more likely they are to remember the great service your med spa provided, and the more likely they are to come back. 

Social media presence has the power to raise patient loyalty, referrals, and retention like nothing else. RxMarketing helps you take advantage of Canva integration to create the compelling posts you need to grab your clients’ attention. 

Reputation Management 

Our med spa EMR & RxMarketing platform goes above and beyond with customer relationship management (CRM) tools. But it’s important to remember that clients are more likely to listen to one another than they are to you. 

Fortunately, PatientNow and AestheticNow has yet another solution — automatic review requests. 

When you request a positive review and patients put their thoughts about the no-doubt-great experience in their own words, they’re more likely to remember it in the future — and tell other clients looking for the same service that you did a great job. 

Email Marketing

Some people don’t use social media, don’t look things up, and don’t read reviews. There’s still a solution for those hard-to-reach clients: email marketing. You must reach out to some previous clients directly to get them information about how you can add value to their lives in times of trouble. 

Whether you share promotions to massage clients’ cost concerns and get them in the door with great deals or just ask them for their valuable input, email marketing produces huge returns — and is also very difficult to do manually. 

Fortunately, our RxMarketing & EMR solution makes it easy to retain customer information and categorize readers to get the right information to appropriate clients and avoid spamming the others. 

Schedule a Demo to See How You Can Bring Cost-Wary Customers Back Through the Doors 

RxMarketing and PatientNow help med spas get their marketing right the first time. Schedule a demo of the best EMR for medical spas today. 

See how PatientNow can improve your practice’s vitals.

The industry’s only complete solution to managing all aspects of elective medical practices, built specifically for today’s modern medical landscape.
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