Grant Stevens, MD


Jessica Palomares

“Everyone at our practice was nervous as we prepared to Go Live with patientNOW”, declares Jessica Palomares with Marina Plastic Surgery.

Jessica had cause to be nervous. “Our practice experienced an exhausting implementation with our former software vendor. We were basically out of business the whole day and for a practice that sees 50-90 patients a day, that was a big deal” states Jessica.

But Jessica was pleasantly surprised with patientNOW, “our trainer from patientNOW was awesome! Everything went so smoothly with the patientNOW implementation.” Haley Wierima, VP of Client Services for patientNOW was onsite at Dr. Grant Stevens’ office for the first two days. Without any disruption in service, the practice saw164 patients and Dr. Stevens performed four surgeries during the time Haley was here. Dr. Stevens was not even aware they were going live.

Jessica reports that since the software is so easy to use and navigate, the staff at Marina Plastic Surgery had no trouble adjusting to it. “Instead of having four trainers on site, all we needed was Haley. She made everyone feel comfortable and since our GO LIVE days all the support staff at patientNOW has been wonderful. Every time we call the office we hear back from them the same day.”

Per the recommendation of patientNOW’s training team, Marina Plastic Surgery has scheduled a staged implementation. The 1st phase included scheduling, quoting/invoicing, scanning and interoffice communications.

And while the Treatment Pathways have been configured and are ready to use the practice will wait to implement it with the EMR and Photo Management. By implementing patientNOW in phases it cuts down on staff stress and disruption of services. “Based on our 1st experience with Haley, we will have her come back when we implement Phase 2 in thirty days.”

No longer a “nerve racking experience”, Jessica is looking forward to the added functionality of patientNOW and get the full benefit of all that patientNOW offers. As patientNOW continues to develop leading edge products like the mypatientNOW patient portal and Virtual Marketing Manager, Jessica is confident that the implementation process at Marina Plastic Surgery will continue to be a good experience.that will help them grow their practice”.

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