Mr. Mo Toledo


When opening a new medical spa in the highly competitive South Florida market, Allure founder, Mo Toledo, recognized that success depended on delivering the finest quality and efficient medical treatment in a warm and caring environment.

With that objective in mind, Mr. Toledo, understood the importance of having a comprehensive aesthetic software solution that could provide office efficiencies, provide reports that track performance and also deliver a superior patient experience by employing leading edge technology. He chose patientNOW.

Coming from a financial business background, Mr. Toledo conducted an extensive search for the right solution that included every vendor specializing in the aesthetic medicine. In choosing patientNOW, Mr. Toledo says, “patientNOW was able to deliver all the functionality I was looking for at a fraction of the price of comparable solutions”.

As the team at Allure began implementation they realized how easy and intuitive patientNOW was to understand. “Our staff picked it up right away which really reduced our learning curve” states Mr. Toledo. And with the patientNOW resource library new hires can access all the training videos and webinars to start using it right away.

“Our practice is unique” Mr. Toledo states. “In addition to standard medical spa procedures we also practice a holistic approach including hormonal balancing, nutrition and exercise. So the ability to customize patientNOW to meet our specific needs was very important to our success”. The training staff at patientNOW worked with Mr. Toledo and his staff to customize forms and configure the software to work for them.

Patient Retention and referrals are the driving forces behind Allure’s priority of quality patient treatment. Mr. Toledo reports that their patient retention rate has “increased by 33%”. That is where patientNOW’s Loyalty Award Points and gift cards have really made a difference. Mr. Toledo affirms, “Our clients understand how much we appreciate their business when we recognize them with gifts and award points.” Having all their practice information in one database has made “life a lot easier”. Mr. Toledo adds, “We don’t have to go to several different programs to get the critical reports to successfully run our business. It’s all in one place and the marketing management reports are amazing!” He is now able to track which referral sources are generating the most revenue to make data based advertising decisions.

“And the software keeps getting better and better.” Referring to mypatientNOW, the new on-line patient portal, Mr. Toledo asserts they have experienced improved office efficiency with this new product. By having our patients complete their registration information electronically vs. paper forms, the staff no longer needs to type the data into the system. It really demonstrates to Allure patients that they have come to a modern digital office.

For Mo Toledo, purchasing patientNOW was dollar for dollar, “one of the best investments we made. I would encourage anyone opening a medical spa to seriously consider all that patientNOW has to offer.”

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