Finding the Right Plastic Surgery EMR for Your Practice

The most successful plastic surgery practices nurture relationships with their valued clients. The best way to do that? With the aid of electronic medical records (EMR) software. The right EMR solution can help you to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and focus on doing what you do best: delivering top-quality patient care.

But finding the right EMR solution can be a challenge. In this guide, we’ll help you learn more about the ways that an EMR system can improve your plastic surgery center, as well as what features to look for when you’re choosing a plastic surgery EMR platform.

What Are the Benefits of a Plastic Surgery EMR?

An EMR platform is designed to organize and streamline many of your administrative tasks within one centralized system. This allows plastic surgery practices to convert paper charts to a digital system, keeping patient history, lab results, and prescription information right at your fingertips.

The right EMR tools also include practice management solutions, helping you to:

  • Reduce your staff’s workload
  • Securely manage patient records
  • Increase revenue
  • Improve accuracy

Most importantly, EMR software automates key processes, which can save time and money for your busy team members.

Features to Look for in a Plastic Surgery EMR

An EMR system can revolutionize multiple aspects of your plastic surgery center. When you’re thinking about implementing EMR software for your practice, you may want to consider the following features that a leading solution can provide:

Paperless Documents

Converting your patient files to a paperless format is one of the primary advantages of EMR software. Each file will include your patient’s medical data, such as:

  • Images
  • Signed consent forms
  • Lab results
  • Prescription history
  • Patient communication

Having this data centralized under one electronic system will not only save you space currently occupied by file drawers; it will also make it easier for staff and providers to access patient information in treatment rooms, offices, and at reception.

Appointment Scheduling

EMR software can also include advanced customer relationship management (CRM) tools that can help with appointment scheduling and patient management. The calendar features built into these digital solutions make it easier for your administrative team to fill a provider’s schedule efficiently and to reserve rooms and resources.

Plus, patients receive automated appointment reminders, reducing the number of no-shows you face even while reducing the workload of your administrative staff. 

Integrated email and texting features can help you to retain existing clients by encouraging attendance at follow-up visits.

Want an inside look at the PatientNow EMR?

Patient Portal

Patients will appreciate the option of having direct access to their medical information, which can give them a greater sense of control over the care they receive from your medical center. 

EMR software can provide a patient portal to allow your clients to have access to lab results or communicate questions or concerns with your medical teams.

HIPAA-Compliant Data Storage

Security is a high priority for any medical facility. The best EMR software will fully comply with HIPAA regulations, protecting your clients’ sensitive medical data from unauthorized access.

A PoS System

Many plastic surgery practices also offer products relating to skin care or aftercare. Some centers even offer promotional products, such as gift certificates, that patients can purchase. 

Having a point-of-sale (PoS) system makes it easier to offer these products, all while allowing your office staff to accept payments directly from patients through the system integrated into the EMR software.

You can even establish customer loyalty programs to reward repeat patients or patients who schedule multiple treatments with discounts on future services or care products. You can even market these incentives through your CRM!

Electronic Prescriptions

By centralizing your patients’ medical history, it will be easier for providers to cross-check for adverse drug interactions before writing a prescription. When EMR software integrates with local pharmacies, it eliminates the errors and delays that can arise from pharmacists straining to read a handwritten prescription. 

With a quality system in place, patients can enjoy faster access to their medication with reduced risk of errors arising from manual data entry.

Marketing Tools and Integrations

Some EMR platforms integrate with other practice management tools to generate new patient leads and market the practice. For example, the EMR system offered by PatientNow integrates with a solution called RxMarketing, which helps medical providers to create and manage digital marketing campaigns.

With these tools, you can create powerful email marketing strategies and manage your social media presence. These features can increase exposure for your plastic surgery practice, generating leads for patients who are seeking elective procedures.

Reputation Management

Just as marketing tools increase the visibility of your plastic surgery center, reputation management solutions can showcase the quality and value of the services you provide.

Practically, this means that you solicit electronic reviews from your patients. The best reviews can then be displayed on your practice’s website or social media platforms. You’ll also have the opportunity to address negative reviews before they go public.

Customer Support

None of these features will matter if your staff can’t quickly learn how to use an EMR system. The best software providers will offer comprehensive customer support as well as training to reduce the time you and your team need to master the tools provided.

Reporting Features

Get the most from your practice through reports generated by your EMR software. These reports can illustrate trends in your practice and expose areas that need improvement. 

This data can help you optimize your productivity and make decisions regarding the future of your practice.

Reports can be generated on a scheduled basis or on the fly, putting all of the data you need right at your fingertips.

Put Patients First with PatientNow

PatientNow is proud to offer these features to help plastic surgery providers reduce their administrative workload and focus on providing the highest quality of patient care. 

Ready to see how our EMR software can improve your operations? Contact us or request a demo of our products and services. Your patients deserve the very highest standard of care, and you can provide it with PatientNow.

See how PatientNow can improve your practice’s vitals.

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