5 Ways Your Plastic Surgery Center Can Grow with a High-Quality CRM 

When it comes to growing your plastic surgery practices, changing priorities and economic realities can make it difficult to attract new high-quality patients and grow your brand. 

With a combined CRM and plastic surgery EMR platform designed with health and wellness providers of all kinds in mind, PatientNow is ready to make the impossible a reality and help your plastic surgery practice start growing again. Let’s look at 5 ways our software can help: 

1. Reduce Cancellations and No-Shows 

Every time a patient fails to arrive for an appointment or cancels last-minute, you lose far more than just the revenue from the procedure — though that loss can introduce devastating adjustments to revenue projections and require significant rescheduling. 

You also lose an opportunity to build a long-term relationship with a satisfied customer, who might return or refer friends and family for a similar procedure. The consequences of this butterfly effect are difficult to predict, but it’s worth it to avoid any loss.

In addition, if the no-show is unannounced or the cancellation comes down to the last minute, your practice also suffers the costs of setup for the plastic surgery procedure with no chance to make it up. The losses and the opportunity costs add up fast. 

AestheticNow’s automated reminders and notifications lower patient skip-out rates by making sure patients know where they need to be and when they need to be there — without requiring busy practice staff to spend a single moment. 

The intuitive schedule process encourages prospects to work with your practice over the competition. Simple to use on both the clinic and patient ends, our system integrates with specific provider timetables to make scheduling with the right doctor easy and painless for skeptical new patients and returning customers alike.

2. Move Forward with Confidence Thanks to Advanced Marketing Insights and Analytics 

The modern, fast-paced business environment means no one can afford to rely on guesswork, gut instinct, and adherence to rigorous best practices. Modern marketing requires flexibility and the ability to make decisions based on inferences drawn from real information. 

Plastic surgery practices, large and small, need to use data to drive marketing decisions and plan future campaigns, like every other business. Real-time updates to detail which actions positively impact engagement, drive conversions and impact the bottom line help point decision-makers in the right direction. 

AestheticNow’s provides insights into the impact of marketing communications with detailed information about engagement. You can see which messages are opened, which are read, and which are forwarded — and which client segments pay the most attention to which messages. 

This insight helps identify the best opportunities to improve and which areas already meet your goals. 

Insights aren’t the only information we segment into customer types. AestheticNow categorizes marketing communications to help target certain services to certain audiences. Targeted messages build trust, unlike broad-spectrum information that’s inapplicable to patient needs, which fosters irritation and resentment towards spam. 

When you present information about products and services tailored to patients, they are more likely to treat your communications seriously. They know it’s more likely to be relevant to them and a service they might use — which puts them in a positive frame of mind when they consider returning to your clinic. 

Let’s transform your practice together!

3. Streamline Plastic Surgery EMR and Patient Communication with a Single Unified Dashboard 

Our software fuses plastic surgery EMR to easily track billing with a full suite of CRM tools. 

By encompassing patient communications, charts, records, and targeted marketing information, AestheticNow gives a full picture of each patient’s entire customer journey in a single place. 

We record everything from telehealth visit notes to text messages in a secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud server. This easy-access medium ensures clinics large and small get the information they need, whenever they need it, from any device. 

Savings on storage space for this wealth of data eases tight budgets and helps redirect funds to the advanced marketing methods needed to advertise plastic surgery practices. 

4. Collect a Library of Quality Before-and-Afters

Galleries of impressive comparison photos show that a clinic can put its money where its mouth is and deliver quality change for its patients, regardless of target area or method. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a library of photos sways a prospect more effectively than any marketing pitch ever could. 

But it can be difficult to build a gallery of quality before and after photos, especially with the questionable quality that comes from asking patients to take the photos themselves. 

AestheticNow helps overcome that barrier with templates, grid alignments, and on-screen instructions to ensure photos are of publishable quality and share a consistent format. 

With easy-to-browse images that demonstrate the results of your quality plastic surgery, you can showcase your best work to prospects and assure them you can do right by them — without writing a single word. 

5. Build Up a Firm Client Base and Handle Growth with Ease

Satisfied patients who return repeatedly build up a relationship that you can rely on. 

With these relationships, you can build a regular client base that provides your practice with the financial security of a reliable revenue stream. You can take advantage of that security to pursue new patients with greater energy, creativity, and enthusiasm. 

When these new patients come to your practice ready for your best work, the streamlined workflows that our combined CRM and EMR application provides make it easy to onboard them with no extra stress, helping deliver the same expert service they expect. 

As you deliver the same quality of care to new and existing patients, you enter a cycle of continued satisfaction powered by continued growth. 

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RxMarketing and PatientNow make separate applications for every clinical need a thing of the past. We do it all, and we’re more than ready to prove it to you. 

We’d love to add your practice to our extensive of satisfied clients, which includes a variety of health and wellness clinics, med spas, and plastic surgery practices. 

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