Can Medical Oriented CRM Solutions Help Your Medical Spa to Engage Patients in the New Year?

A new calendar year means new opportunities for your medical spa. With the right tools, you can enhance the way you engage new and existing patients. Many medical facilities are implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) system that helps to manage and support customer relationships. 

These CRM solutions can likewise help your practice optimize every stage of the patient experience. Here are some of the ways your medical spa can benefit from these digital tools.

Use Omnichannel Marketing

One of the most challenging tasks of any medical clinic is generating new patient leads. But this process can be easier than ever when you utilize the full range of customer relationship management (CRM) tools that are available for your medical facility.

With a high-quality CRM, you can take advantage of opportunities for omnichannel marketing, engaging customers through multiple layers of digital content, including:

  • Email marketing
  • Text message marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Your medical spa’s website

These features let you reach customers more easily than ever before. Best of all, the analytical tools built into today’s CRM solutions can help you track conversion rates, which let you know how well your marketing campaigns are generating new leads.

Build a Web Presence

Chances are that your medical spa already has a website of some kind. But in what other ways are you seeking to engage your client base?

Increasingly, aesthetic medical centers are turning to the world of social media to communicate with a wider range of clientele. These platforms allow your page followers to like and share digital content, giving your practice greater exposure than ever before.

Companies like PatientNow can help you with every stage of this process, utilizing the latest strategies to cultivate your social media presence and converting clicks to engaged, paying patients.

CRM companies can also assist you in constructing a high-quality website, optimizing your content to generate more traffic and capture more leads.

Offer a Recurring Membership Program

Many of the procedures offered by your medical spa are conducive to follow-up visits. Make it easy on your patients with a recurring subscription program. This allows your patients to pay a one-time subscription fee and receive a year’s worth of services.

This keeps your clients coming back for regular visits and also makes it easy to renew their subscription each year (or each subscription term), which ensures that your medical spa maintains an ongoing relationship with your valued clients.

How are these subscription services managed? The CRM features built into your administrative software can help you devise and implement a recurring subscription program. This means you can easily manage your patients’ subscription status in addition to scheduling and billing.

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Send Automated Patient Reminders

Does your medical practice have problems with patients not showing up for their appointments? You can drastically minimize the number of no-shows with the automated features built into digital CRM solutions. 

Patients can receive appointment reminders delivered via email and/or text message, while a confirmation feature alerts office staff that the patient can make their planned visit.

Track Patient Referrals 

One of the most reliable methods of generating new leads is through a referral program. Using a digital platform to track every stage of this process can make it easier to take advantage of new referral opportunities.

With the right tools in place, you can identify trends and patterns in the referral process, and find ways to optimize your referral process to generate more leads from patients who have been satisfied with your services in the past.

You can even offer existing patients incentives for referring a friend, tracking rewards points, offering complimentary products, or sending them a gift card to say “thanks!”

Stay Organized

One of the most important tasks for any medical office is communication. AestheticNow provides a power CRM that can help you and your staff to centralize data about your patients and maintain a clear record of all patient communication. This can help you to easily target the right patients with your marketing.

With a personalized, target approach, you can inform patients about discounts or supplemental services that they might be interested in. Patients appreciate a personalized approach. It’s just one of the ways that the right CRM software can improve communication and relationships between patients and the staff at your med spa.

Manage Your Online Reputation 

Online reviews can have a major impact on your medical center. Why not invite your patients to leave you a review after they leave your office? 

With the tools from PatientNow, you can send an automated email asking to submit an online review. You can then publish your positive reviews on your webpage or social media profile, helping others learn more about your stellar reputation.

What happens if you receive negative reviews? You’ll be able to review patient feedback before it goes public, helping you to address patient concerns before they show up on sites like Google or Yelp.

Support Your Office Staff

Finally, no one is better equipped to engage your patients than your own office staff. CMR solutions can reduce the administrative burden on your staff and caregivers, which allows them to devote their attention fully to each patient.

We’ve already covered some of the ways that a digital solution can transform your practice, but your administrative staff will also appreciate the ability to use a centralized system to conduct activities such as:

  • Reserving equipment
  • Scheduling individual rooms
  • Block scheduling
  • Viewing the schedule of individual practitioners
  • Managing your spa’s waitlist

These features make it easier for your team to manage time and resources so that they can focus on providing stellar care for each individual patient. Your staff will appreciate the simplicity and organization of a centralized system, too, as you will face fewer input errors and snags in scheduling.

Focus on the Patient – We’ll Handle the Rest

PatientNow has already made a significant impact on the way medical providers care for their patients. We can supplement the care offered by your medical spa, too. If you’d like to see these features for yourself, sign up for a free demo today.

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