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Connecting with the right audience at the right moment is a constant challenge made more complicated by the ever changing landscape of social media and search marketing.  Your prospects’ expectations are also changing, increasing the demand on you to keep the conversation relevant and constantly demonstrate the quality of your work.

PatientNow has created easy-to-use integrations with the industry’s top vendors to help you post engaging social content, solicit good reviews, address potentially negative reviews before they get posted, and showcase your before and after images directly from the industry’s premier aesthetic photography app.

Our online brand building includes social post creation and scheduling with Canva, review management with Swell, photography (and a lot more) with RxPhoto, and our proprietary before and after website Gallery plug-in. All working harmoniously to put the spotlight squarely on your business.

The Canva integration in our AestheticNow software gives you an Enterprise level graphic design account for creating compelling posts that highlight what makes your business unique.  Templates and automatic resizing between social channels allows you to quickly create professional quality posts that engage and get results. Our team of designers have curated a large collection of industry and procedure related images for your use. The team has also created a library of templates for all occasions and situations that you can modify to match your message and brand.  Your before and after images from RxPhoto are ported over to your Canva library automatically and ready to be used on your social channels.

The Canva integration includes the new scheduling tool just released this year. Plan out multiple posts, drop them on the calendar and let the system take care of the rest. Return to the calendar to see all the posts that are planned and engagement stats on the live posts.

Site reviews are a double edged sword.  While good reviews are the best testimonials and new business drivers available, a single bad review can discourage prospects from investigating your business further. Our Swell integration allows you to automatically request feedback from your patients after procedures, expedite the good reviews to the public, and direct the bad reviews to your staff so that you can take action to make things right with the client—before they share negative information. The Swell dashboard alerts you to new activity and makes it easy to follow the best practice of responding to all reviews.

The Gallery plug-in and RxPhoto are included in the package to give your prospects what they most demand–a before and after gallery of your work. 75% of prospects will not contact a clinic that does not have a gallery displaying their work. RxPhoto has long been considered the premier aesthetic photography solution and now has an automatic connection to your website using the Gallery plugin. Gallery automatically pulls the images that you approve from your RxPhoto app and displays them using your website’s design and branding theme to create an elegant portfolio of your work.  It really is that easy, approve photos in RxPhoto and they instantly appear in your website’s Gallery.

While your patient’s and prospect’s demands increase, PatientNow keeps you ahead of the curve. It goes far beyond providing the service that prospects are looking for.  They want to like you, your clinic and your staff–they’re looking for a connection. The Social Media Upgrade allows you to show off what makes you special without creating additional work.  If you post to social media now, these integrations will make it faster and much more impactful.  If you don’t post now, this is your simple solution to add some real impact to your marketing.

Your social posts are powerful and effective, but the public expects you to say good things about yourself. Positive reviews, lots of stars, and the proof of your work is what will close the deal. Our marketing experts are students of the digital landscape and have crafted this package to put you in the driver’s seat with today’s online best practices. We’ve streamlined the messaging, conversations and displaying your results to keep you ahead of the competition–so you can focus on your clients and business.

When you’re ready to bring your digital marketing to the next level, contact our team for a demo.

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