6 Ways to Attract New Patients for Hormone Replacement Therapy Using CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is deployed by sales teams across virtually every industry. This technology is used to track interactions with prospective clients, who are also known as leads. CRM software is extremely beneficial to organizations operating in the B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) sectors.

Traditionally, healthcare organizations, med spas, and other entities that provide clinical services have generally relied on EMR or electronic medical records management software. While useful, EMRs cannot help to draw in new clients. 

This shortcoming is especially concerning for med spas because they often offer elective clinical services, like hormone replacement therapy. Therefore, med spas must actively work to develop a strong brand image to remain competitive.

Fortunately, CRM technology has made its way into the healthcare industry in recent years. There are CRM solutions available for clinical providers of all types, including med spas. 

How EMR and CRM Technologies Draw in New Patients

CRM technology can help med spas to attract new hormone replacement therapy patients in six key ways, which include the following:

1. Improving the Patient Experience

Ultimately, Med spas and other clinical practices should focus on providing patients with an unparalleled treatment experience. But how exactly does CRM software help to improve the patient experience? 

While there are several benefits to CRM technologies, one of the most notable is that it increases the amount of time that clinic staff can spend with patients. CRM software allows med spas to automate redundant tasks, replace physical documents with electronic alternatives, and streamline the sharing of data. These features reduce the workload on clinical care providers so that they can give each patient the attention they deserve. 

Providing a positive patient experience is integral to attracting new hormone replacement therapy clients. It is also a core component of building a positive brand reputation. 

2. Enhancing Brand Reputation

Put simply, “brand reputation” refers to how the general public perceives a particular company. A positive reputation or “brand image” will attract new hormone replacement therapy clients. On the other hand, a negative brand reputation will discourage prospective patients from visiting a particular med spa or clinic. Once a facility develops a poor reputation, undoing the damage can take months or even years.

CRM software helps med spas to manage their reputations by simplifying the marketing and outreach process. The top CRM solutions include built-in marketing tools so that clinics can easily connect with clients via text or email. 

3. Increasing Conversion Rates

In a digitized society, modern consumers have come to expect instant gratification, especially when they’re seeking services from a service/health/medical company. Organizations that quickly respond to inquiries for information significantly increase the chances that a client will come in for hormone replacement therapy. 

However, this is often easier said than done, as staff members are usually preoccupied serving patients on-site. 

Once again, CRM software offers the perfect solution. Top CRM platforms allow med spas to effortlessly connect with prospective patients via an automated follow-up function. A top-quality CRM can provide leads with information almost instantaneously so that they can learn more about a clinic’s hormone replacement therapy services. 

A rapid response can be the deciding factor for patients who are serious about booking services. 

Let’s transform your practice together!

4. Streamlining Communication

Communication is an important factor that impacts the patient experience. From the moment a lead expresses interest in services, med spas must begin to nurture that new relationship. The only way to do this is through consistent and seamless communication. 

CRM software helps clinics to maintain open lines of communication with clients both before and after their treatment. This significantly increases the chances that they will book and show up for services. 

Staying in contact with patients’ post-treatment also enhances a med spa’s ability to earn repeat business. 

5. Nurturing Client Loyalty

While many aesthetic clinical service providers are focused on acquiring new clients, they should be equally concerned with nurturing loyalty for existing patients. Retaining patients is much more cost-effective than chasing after new ones. It is also a great way to grow revenue, as these individuals can be encouraged to purchase other services.

CRM technology makes it easy to maintain positive relationships with patients, even after they have left the facility. 

High-quality CRM software allows med spas to send out automated emails and text messages. These messages can be used to remind clients to book their next treatment session, notify them about monthly specials, and more. 

Med spas and clinics can also inform patients about the many benefits of HRT using these automated messages.

6. Leveraging the Power of Social Proof

In addition to the benefits outlined above, CRM software can indirectly aid a med spa’s patient acquisition efforts. This is accomplished by leveraging the power of social proof. 

In the context of marketing, social proof refers to the thought process that “other people benefitted from hormone replacement therapy, so I should get the treatment, too.” While social proof takes many forms, one of the most common is user reviews. 

By maintaining open lines of communication, developing a sense of loyalty among past clients, and protecting brand reputation, HRT clinics will increase the chances that patients will leave positive reviews on platforms such as Google. This will substantially improve your ability to attract new clients. It all starts with a great CRM software. 

Innovative EMR for Hormone Replacement Therapy Med Spas

If you operate a med spa or hormone replacement therapy practice and want to attract new patients, PatientNow can help. Our company offers purpose-built EMR and CRM technologies that will take your business to the next level.

At PatientNow, our AestheticNow solution addresses every phase of the patient experience. From the moment that a prospective patient requests information to the time that they leave your office, our tools will help you to stay connected. 

The AestheticNow CRM even facilitates post-treatment follow-up so that you can keep patients coming back for life.

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