What Should a Top-Tier EMR Software Do? 

Thanks to the sheer variety of electronic medical record (EMR) solutions on the market today, it’s difficult to find the right choice for your practice. 

From broad-spectrum medical EMRs that can handle hospital-level patient volume to fast, lightweight EMRs with specialized design for specific industries, choice paralysis makes it easy to not choose at all and stick with what you know. 

At PatientNow, our electronic medical record (EMR) solutions are designed to meet the needs of aesthetic providers and med spas from the ground up. But don’t take our word for it — let us prove it to you. 

We’ve laid out a list of recommendations that we believe the best electronic medical record (EMR) systems should always provide. These are the benefits to consider and the questions to ask when you review a particular provider for your med spa or clinic. 

You should, of course, find a software solution that meets your needs — but also one that addresses as many needs as possible, rather than the bare minimum of EMR handling. 

Safely and Securely Store Patient Records

At their core, electronic medical record (EMR) solutions must store patient information. 

More specifically, they need to store patient information in a way that ensures it can only be accessed at appropriate times and only by authorized personnel. In addition, any business that takes payments from clients needs to comply with billing information regulations. 

The duty of care to ensure customers aren’t victimized by cybercriminals and fraudsters is core to every business. As a medical provider, even in a practice that provides aesthetic medical services, the law dictates that you have an even greater responsibility to your patients. 

In the process of doing business, your practice gathers protected health information (PHI) with very strict rules outlined in the HIPAA. The storage capacity needed to contain the ever-larger volume of patient data can induce crippling costs for smaller practices and drain the budgets of larger ones. 

PatientNow has a solution. We provide EMR software with 100% of its storage in a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based server. This cutting-edge technology makes it easy to both keep your patients’ data secure and expand as your business grows. 

Instead of leaving you investing in a massive new server in the hopes that it will pay off in time, our cloud storage scales only with your needs and nothing more. 

We take on the costs of the extra security demanded by HIPAA compliance to reduce the strain on your IT team and let you switch from patient protection back to excellent patient service. 

Easily Convert Existing Records 

Providers with long and successful histories have a mountain of paperwork and paper records. When you acquire a new EMR, you have two options — leave old records on paper and only digitize new records, or manually scan and convert every single existing record to the new digital system. 

The first option separates the two sets of patient records, with no way to know a particular record’s format other than a rough knowledge of when it was recorded. This bifurcation slows patient service times to a crawl and forces you into a bottleneck every time you access a record. 

The second option works best for the long term but requires a large initial labor investment that can tempt you to abandon the idea altogether and stick with paper records going forward. 

Neither choice helps you access the excellent EMR software you need to keep pace in the modern business world. 

PatientNow decided to create a third option. We provide an intuitive barcoding solution that lets machines route rapid-fire scans to the correct patients in a matter of seconds rather than minutes. 

This system cuts conversion times to a fraction of their manual entry rate and reduces the chances of human error. Best of all, it doesn’t force your staff into hours or days of miserable busywork that they resent while distracting them from the most important part of your clinic’s operations — your patients. 

Want an inside look at the PatientNow EMR?

Automatically Store New Data 

Great EMR software cuts out manual data entry for new records as they come in, as well. 

Our lab integration makes it easy to see results for a particular patient right away. Never use manual input to code lab results again. Instead, help your clinic and your clients get results fast through our lab-integrated patient portal. 

Simple UI design combines every aspect of your clinic’s needs into a single intuitive interface. Conduct telehealth appointments and virtual communications through the same application and store every communication with a particular client in one place to gain a full picture of their history with your business. 

Digital notes make time between appointments and follow-ups faster, and digital consent forms help you and your patients move to the next stage at lightning speed. With reduced time between meetings, your clinic can follow up with more patients in a single day without any increase in stress or decrease in informational efficiency. 

When you can increase client volume without a decline in service quality, accommodate patient safety concerns and convenience needs with telehealth appointments, and cut down busywork for your providers, everyone wins.  

Combine CRM and Marketing Features with EMR Solutions

To make sure everyone wins, the best EMR software goes above and beyond communication recording and combines full CRM capabilities with EMR to create a comprehensive package. 

When you can match patient medical records to their prior communications and the marketing information they’ve received, you can build an unmatched picture of their entire customer journey as one of your patients. 

As you can access all information and display it in a single unified dashboard, you’ll slash licensing fees and training times previously wasted over multiple applications. With a single program, you put your entire practice on the same page. 

Even better, with each team in your practice trained in the same software and privy to the same information, you foster cooperation and communication between them. Each team gains an understanding of what the others do and the challenges they face.

Our unified software is far more than just an EMR solution. It’s a way to unite your entire business on a single front. 

Provide Excellent Service with PatientNow

PatientNow is ready to help you streamline your processes with an all-in-one package provided at best-in-industry rates. 

Try a demo today to see just how easy it is to get rid of program bloat and give your practice a fresh start. 

See how PatientNow can improve your practice’s vitals.

The industry’s only complete solution to managing all aspects of elective medical practices, built specifically for today’s modern medical landscape.
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