A Guide to Finding the Right EMR Software for Your Dermatology Practice

Medical practices are increasingly turning to electronic medical record (EMR) software to manage their core processes and patient data. How can EMR software enhance your dermatology practice? When your administrative processes are handled by a centralized, digital platform, your medical staff will be able to put their focus where it belongs: on the patient.

So how can you find the right EMR software for your dermatology practice? We’ll show you some of the most important things to look for, and explore the way these features can improve your efficiency and standard of care.

HIPAA-Compliant Medical Record Storage

Like any medical practice, dermatology offices handle a great deal of sensitive patient information. Your EMR software must meet the stringent standards set by HIPAA to ensure patient privacy and data security.

But meeting these standards is only one part of a larger management solution. Converting your manual tasks to a digital platform can make it easier for dermatologists to gather information about their patients, coordinate care between specialists, and provide a customized treatment solution with the patient’s unique needs in mind.

EMR software also means saying goodbye to the obtrusive filing system that often accompanies paper records. Not only do these filing cabinets occupy valuable office space, but they also leave your patient data vulnerable to prying eyes. 

Converting these files to a digital storage solution gives an added layer of protection, ensuring that patient records are accessible only to authorized users.

At PatientNow, our solutions can help you to convert your existing patient records to a digital file on a per-patient basis or with a batch upload. Making this switch can vastly improve the way you manage patient care and data.

Automated Scheduling Tools

EMR software can reduce the burden on your administrative staff by providing a centralized system for handling scheduling and other core processes. With the right software, your office staff can perform the following functions:

  • Reserve individual rooms
  • Reserve pieces of equipment
  • View the schedules of individual medical providers
  • Manage the medical center’s waitlist

Centralizing these scheduling tasks in one software platform will reduce errors and scheduling conflicts, all while making it easier for your staff to gain a comprehensive snapshot of your dermatology practice’s overall workflow.

Patients can likewise take advantage of automated scheduling reminders, which send a reminder of upcoming appointments. Reminders can be delivered directly to an email inbox or sent as an alert via text message. Your patients can then confirm their appointment electronically, which can reduce no-shows and prevent the loss of revenue.

Lab and Pharmacy Integrations

The patient experience often depends on data obtained from carefully-run tests. The sooner you get the results of these tests, the sooner your patient can begin the next phase of their care. EMR software can integrate with the laboratory, ensuring that test results are processed and communicated faster than ever before.

Patients will likewise appreciate the ability to see their test results more rapidly, which can provide them a clearer picture of their health and a better understanding of what to expect moving forward in consultation with their dermatologist.

In addition to integrating with the lab, the best EMR software can also communicate with local pharmacies. This can increase the speed at which prescriptions are filled. By relying on a computerized process over handwritten prescriptions, human error is all but eliminated.

Because the patient records are part of this overall process, medical providers will be able to check for adverse drug reactions or avoid prescribing drugs to which the patient is allergic.

Companies like PatientNow can also assure providers that their system is 100% compliant with Medicare and DEA standards, meaning there is no risk of violating safety or security standards surrounding prescription medications.

Let’s transform your practice together!

Marketing Tools

Most medical providers have limited marketing experience and even less time to learn the best practices. That’s why the best EMR software providers can assist by optimizing your practice’s web presence. At PatientNow, this means optimizing your website to generate more traffic, as well as managing your social media presence to give your dermatology practice wider exposure.

These features can be paired with other marketing tools, including email marketing plans that can target new customers and generate new patient leads.

Additionally, EMR software can help you manage patient reviews, giving you a chance to address any concerns or complaints promptly. You can even hand-pick your best reviews for publication on your web page or social media profiles, generating more interest in your practice.

Simple User Interface

Of course, none of these tools are worth much of anything if your staff can’t use them properly. It’s important that your EMR software offer a simple learning curve so that medical providers and administrators can easily integrate this system into their broader practice.

At PatientNow, for example, our software contains templates that make it easier to take before and after photos for use in a dermatology patient file. Help patients to see the dramatic results you produce with digital storage of these important photos.

Reporting and Analytics

Finally, every medical practice can benefit from having access to advanced reporting features. This reporting data can alert you to problems in efficiency, which can help you to optimize your staffing and equipment needs for the future.

Data can also help you strategize for the future, highlighting patterns and trends. With this information in hand, you can create a comprehensive plan for future growth, expansion, or remediation.

Additionally, the data provided by these reports can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, and see whether your current campaign is generating new leads for your practice.

Take Your Dermatology Practice to the Next Level

At the end of the day, it’s all about relationships. EMR software can reduce much of your administrative burdens, which helps you better connect with new and existing patients. Sign up today for a free demo, and you’ll see how our services can help you achieve a new level of patient care.

See how PatientNow can improve your practice’s vitals.

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