Top Features Every Practice Management Software Should Include

If your practice is to remain competitive, your practice management absolutely must be integrated with the best practice management software. Do you have online scheduling? Are you able to send your patients automated reminders? How do you take payments? 

Our practice management software may be the key to your success.

What Is Practice Management Software?

Imagine how easy your professional life would be if all of the everyday routine tasks were taken care of for you — imagine being able to spend more time with your patients, being more focused on treatments and people than you are on tasks and to-dos. That’s where practice management software can improve your daily operations.

The Challenges of Practice Management Today

Practice management software is absolutely crucial given how fast-paced the world has become and how limited everyone’s attention spans are these days. Creating and maintaining an orderly, well-managed practice in today’s tech-intensive environment is not easy. Here are just some of the challenges facing your practice in the 21st century:

  • Validation of procedure compatibility
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Billing support
  • Inventory control and tracking
  • Communication and collaboration

PatientNow worked with the best experts in the industry to address all these concerns and more. Our solution will: 

  • Simplify processes by automating repetitive tasks
  • Manage appointments
  • Organize documents
  • Track inventory
  • Generate estimates
  • Facilitate billing and payments

The PatientNow platform has powerful integrations built in. Our software makes it easy to track and manage the critical moving parts of your business, like lab work and prescriptions, but we also include features that can take your reputation management and business intelligence analytics to the next level.

PatientNow looks after the busy work so you can get on with the business of treating more patients. What would your practice look like if you could do more of what you love and less of what you don’t?

Management Features

If you hate to hover but absolutely need to know where you can make improvements to your practice’s efficiency, PatientNow lets you monitor your staff’s productivity by highlighting time-stealing activities and opportunities for a little more training. 

It can also help you see when it’s appropriate for you to shift workload from one employee or process to another. When you can clearly see the productivity of each member of your team, it’ll be easy to reward your top performers. 

There’s probably no better morale booster than letting your productive employees know they’re seen and appreciated. Boost motivation and increase productivity at every level of your business with our practice management software.


What if there was a software solution that allowed you to manage your appointments and tasks in one place? Look no further. PatientNow gives you all that, plus efficient resource tracking and patient communication tools.

Document Management

Digitize and manage your patient documents, forms, and correspondence to create a single source of truth informing decisions across your practice. 

Productivity Oversight 

Your team’s productivity can be easily evaluated and enhanced by automating repetitive processes, and you can immediately identify any opportunities for improvement or rewards.

Financial Management

Process payments, monitor your bottom line and even automate your financial processes for the utmost efficiency. Take advantage of business intelligence features to improve your cash flow and overall practice profitability. 

Let’s transform your practice together!

Reputation Management

Engage satisfied patients. Produce more five-star reviews. Get an edge on the competition by presenting potential clients with the best peer reviews. 


Improve accuracy and save time with our ePrescribe and CPL lab integrations.

Reporting and Analytics

Let our software build out reports so you can see trends and single out any area where your team could improve.


Our practice management software even makes scheduling easy. Since it was built for elective clinics from the ground up, our scheduling component almost anticipates your needs. Scheduling features include the ability to:

  • Reserve rooms, equipment, or resources
  • View and manage individual provider schedules
  • Arrange calendar-identified appointments by type
  • Automate block or individual scheduling

PatientNow can help manage your waitlist and track patient flow through your practice from the moment they enter to the moment they leave. 

You can also generate automated reminders for them whenever their appointments approach. Even better, our system works with Outlook and most smartphones, so it’s pretty much fully integrated with the life you already live.

Financial Features

Our practice management software allows you to monitor your practice’s financial well-being in many ways. We have engineered automated financial processes that reduce error and risk, allowing you to monitor estimates, analytics, and more. Our software offers unique solutions to expedite and automate:

  • Billing
  • Payment processing
  • Quotes
  • Reporting

Payments are easy to process, either onsite with a card reader or with a card on file. The system is PCI compliant and even offers secure text-to-pay.

Reputation Management

Your clinic’s online reputation is as important as your next breath. Thankfully, our reputation management feature is way ahead of the curve. It automatically engages your patients post-appointment, when any client is most likely to pop in a five-star review for your practice.

The system even lets you verify, approve, or deny reviews before they’re posted, whether it’s to Facebook, Google, RateMD, Yelp, or other platforms. Imagine being able to put out the fire of a bad review before it becomes public.

Simplified Document Storage

Good practice management needs simplified document storage. You’ll get easy access to patient documents, forms, and correspondence through our software. Your team can even access photos, all from the patient record. All of your administrative records are digitally centralized and stored securely in the cloud.

ePrescribe and Lab Processes

With PatientNow, you can liberate pharmacists from the tedium and delay of calling your office to confirm handwritten prescriptions. 

ePrescribe allows providers to assign medications, double-check that there are no drug interactions, and send prescriptions to a patient’s pharmacy. Our system is secure and meets or exceeds all government requirements for healthcare providers.

Our CPL lab integration makes lab testing requisitions 25% more accurate, with 30% quicker turn-around times and a 50% increase in patient satisfaction.

PatientNow Practice Management Software

Taking your practice management to the next level with our practice management software gives you all of the above benefits, plus you get reporting and analytics that give you priceless insights into your practice. 

See how PatientNow can improve your practice’s vitals.

The industry’s only complete solution to managing all aspects of elective medical practices, built specifically for today’s modern medical landscape.
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