Using EMRs to Keep Your Aesthetic Clinic Running Smoothly

Patients come to an aesthetic center expecting a high quality of care. The best way to maximize patient satisfaction is putting your focus where it belongs: on the patients themselves. 

An electronic medical record (EMR) system will streamline many of your administrative and scheduling processes, improving your patient’s experience and making things easier (and more productive) for you and your staff. Below, we’ll highlight the specific ways that an EMR can keep your aesthetic center running smoothly.

Better Management of Staff and Resources

Using EMR for aesthetic center management can dramatically increase your company’s efficiency. The scheduling tools allow your staff to manage personnel and resources like never before, optimizing your valuable time and improving patient flow. An EMR will also enable you to perform scheduling tasks, such as:

  • Viewing the schedules of individual aestheticians
  • Reserving rooms and equipment
  • Block scheduling
  • Sending automated reminders and tracking confirmations
  • Managing your waitlist

The calendar features of today’s EMRs provide a comprehensive view of your medical center’s schedule. They can help you quickly identify appointment types so that your medical and office staff are always prepared.

Automated Appointment Reminders

No-show appointments can result in missed revenue and create snags in your scheduling process. An EMR can reduce missed appointments by automating your scheduling process and sending automated reminders to your patients through email or text messages.

These automated appointment reminders can also request patient confirmations for appointment attendance, adding another layer of security and accountability. You and your staff can be confident that your patients will arrive for their appointments on time without spending hours on the phone trying to call patients.

Digital Patient Records

An EMR can scan and store patient records, allowing your aesthetic clinic to go paperless and organize patient data on a secure, centralized digital platform. Each patient file can include important information, such as:

  • Medical forms
  • Medical history
  • Photographs
  • Insurance paperwork
  • Lab results
  • Other administrative records

A record management system eliminates the need for file drawers and paper files that clutter your office. It can also ensure that patient records are only accessible to authorized users within your medical practice.

Storing patient information digitally can improve the quality of care you deliver. Your aestheticians can quickly access patient data and share relevant information between authorized team members to provide the highest quality of patient care.

With advanced EMR solutions, you can convert paper charts into digital files quickly. Your aesthetic center can scan charts as each patient schedules appointments, or you can save time doing a batch scan that will convert all paper records to digital files.

Faster Lab Results

An EMR system allows you to integrate with CPL laboratories, which can provide faster, more accurate results. Test results will be available 30% sooner, streamlining the overall treatment process and increasing patient satisfaction.

With the data from patient lab results, your aesthetic center can deliver a higher level of patient care by tailoring your treatment protocols to each patient’s unique needs. Likewise, an EMR can streamline the entire treatment process, enabling you to treat more patients and generate more revenue, all without compromising your high standards of care.

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Coordination with Pharmacy

After any medical procedure, patients may require additional medication. EMRs allow your aesthetic center to integrate with each patient’s pharmacy, eliminating the need for handwritten prescriptions from providers. No longer will pharmacists strain to decipher poor handwriting or need to confirm medications by telephone.

An EMR will also allow patients and caregivers to:

  • Get prescriptions filled faster
  • Reduce errors
  • Double-check for adverse drug interactions
  • Coordinate with local pharmacies

This system meets all Medicare and DEA requirements. That makes it far safer and more secure than your old prescription pad.

Manage Reviews and Reputation

Modern EMR solutions also include digital tools your team can use for marketing and patient reviews. When patients leave your medical center, you can send them an automated email asking them to submit an online review. You can publish these reviews on your webpage or social media profile to publicize your clinic’s reputation.

Customer feedback is essential to maintaining and growing a solid business. This system also allows you to review negative feedback before it goes public on sites like Google or Yelp, giving you a chance to address patient complaints or concerns before the reviews impact your online reputation.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Managing reviews is only one strand of the digital marketing tools built into today’s EMR software. Aesthetic centers and other medical clinics can use other tools, such as:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • Web content creation
  • Analysis of patient engagements

You can utilize these marketing tools to turn first-time patients into regular guests in your facility, and your increased web presence can also attract new patients.

Medical and administrative staff can also track online engagements, showing who opened your emails and text messages, what links got clicked, and whether users forwarded any messages. You can apply this data to create follow-up lists automatically and better reach your target audience.

Data Reporting and Analysis

Finally, an EMR can provide valuable insight into the efficiency and management of your aesthetic center. EMR-generated data reports can help you analyze both staff productivity and patient flow, keeping your practice operating at its best.

These advanced reporting features can also identify key trends related to patient data and cash flow, details you may need when adjusting staffing needs, offering seasonal promotions, or finding other strategies to keep your practice thriving year-round.

You can use an EMR to generate reports on a scheduled, recurring basis or aperiodically. Above all, your medical staff and administrators will always have access to the data when they need it most.

Keep Your Focus on the Patient

Most importantly, an EMR keeps your medical team focused on the patient, not the administrative details of running an aesthetic center. To see this system in action, sign up for a free demo, and experience the positive impact that PatientNow can have on your staff and patients.

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