Mastering the Patient Consultation & Building Long-Term Treatment Plans

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Uncover proven strategies and the most effective ways to approach the initial patient consultation in your medical spa, plus secrets to success in building long-term, customized treatment plans that not only yield the best patient outcomes, but also drive revenue for your aesthetic practice.

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Aeron Sheffield, DNP, AGNP-C, President | Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, Ethos MedSpa. Aeron comes from a family of nurses, and after moving to St. Louis, he earned his bachelor’s and is currently pursuing his doctorate in nursing practice from Maryville University. He got into aesthetics as a makeup artist, and now uses syringes and neuromodulators to enhance natural beauty at Ethos MedSpa. Aeron prioritizes education and creates a culture that empowers his patients and team.

Audrey Neff currently serves as the Senior Director of Marketing Strategy for PatientNow, which provides practice management solutions for more than 5,000 aesthetic businesses worldwide. Audrey brings more than a decade of experience in sales and marketing, nine years of which have been in the medical aesthetics field. She is an award-winning peer-reviewed author, an international speaker, host of the True to Form Podcast, and has held faculty positions for 27+ medical associations and conferences across the globe.

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