Making the Patient Experience Personal with PatientNow CRM Solutions

Patients come to your medical practice expecting a certain level of personalized care. Thanks to the PatientNow CRM system, you can now connect with your patients on a more individual level.

A customer relationship management (CRM) platform is designed to streamline the day-to-day operations of your medical practice, but its advanced features also provide your patients with a higher standard of care at every stage of their journey. 

Here’s how the CRM system offered by PatientNow can help you to personalize your medical practice and engage patients like never before.

The PatientNow CRM Helps You Focus on Patients — Not Paperwork

Think about the tasks your front office performs on a regular basis. Typically, your administrative team stays busy, answering phones, scheduling appointments, managing documents, and being the “face” of your medical center when patients first arrive.

These duties may be essential, but they can also be distractions from what really matters: the patient experience. 

The first and most obvious benefit of our powerful CRM platform is that it will centralize these routine tasks under one, user-friendly software platform. 

Office administrators can work more efficiently and transition out of the daily juggling routine to a role that’s emphatically patient-focused. With just a few clicks, staff members can answer patient questions, send out appointment reminders, review invoices, schedule resources, and invite patients to leave feedback.

When your staff has time and attention to devote to relationships, your patients will notice the difference. When your office is streamlined to this degree, there will typically be shorter wait times and more individualized attention from each member of your team. 

In an age where patients have plenty of options when it comes to medical providers, this personal approach can help you stand out and convert each visitor into a regular client.

Our CRM Provides a Custom-Tailored Communication System

How do your patients typically communicate with you when they’re not physically in your office? You might use a professional email address or even allow patients to leave voicemails, but these communication strategies don’t always line up nicely, resulting in lost messages or missing information.

The PatientNow CRM provides a simpler solution. Patients can text providers through a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based platform. This same secure platform will also allow patients to access their invoices and records remotely.

This also allows providers to offer their patients supplemental information and educational materials about the treatments and services they receive. Patients and providers can exchange documents, pictures, and even videos. These powerful tools will help your practice to provide a fully individualized approach to patient communication and care.

Let’s transform your practice together!

PatientNow Keeps Key Patient Data at Your Fingertips

As the name suggests, one of the chief goals of a CRM system is to keep your patient details centralized and organized under a secure, cloud-based platform. 

Traditional paper filing systems are largely obsolete, and other computerized systems won’t always comply with stringent HIPAA standards.

By contrast, our advanced CRM system gives authorized users total access to patient data. This means that providers will be better equipped to treat patients with medical records available at their very fingertips. 

Some practices may discover additional benefits from the RxPhoto module that can be integrated into the PatientNow system. Our unique imaging tool allows you or your staff to take perfect before-and-after photos. 

Our advanced imaging tools let your patients view these photos with a photo slider, morphing tools, or as side-by-side images, so they can have a full appreciation for any cosmetic work that they may have received.

The PatientNow CRM Makes Scheduling a Snap

PatientNow streamlines the scheduling process for you and your valued patients, allowing you and your staff to manage time, resources, and personnel through an integrated software system.

Our CRM platform allows you to:

  • Schedule individual rooms and equipment
  • View the schedule of individual providers
  • Manage your waitlist
  • Track patient flow
  • Receive automated confirmations

Plus, the intuitive calendar tools allow you to quickly view your schedule for the day, week, or month. The calendar can even identify appointment types so you can more easily observe your overall workflow for a given period of time.

This helps you deliver more personalized attention to your clients, who will receive follow-up reminders delivered via text or email. They can confirm their appointments electronically, which makes the scheduling process more efficient and reduces your total number of missed or forgotten appointments.

RxMarketing Can Help You Connect with Your Target Audience

PatientNow can also put a personal touch on your marketing efforts when you use the advanced features of the RxMarketing module, which was designed to integrate seamlessly into the CRM system. 

Our marketing experts can help you connect directly with your target audience through a system of social media and email marketing tactics. You can even create quality content to generate more clicks from today’s top-performing search engines.

Your email marketing tools allow you to connect with your visitors, sending them information about follow-up appointments, special offers, and other relevant data, all of which can be used to convert first-time visitors into recurring guests at your facility.

Additionally, our innovative reputation management features allow you to solicit feedback from your patients and make adjustments to optimize the patient journey. 

If a patient should leave you negative feedback, you’ll be in a better position to address their concerns before the review becomes public.

Better Business, Better Healthcare

In an age in which more practices are implementing CRM solutions, patients are increasingly expecting a higher degree of personalized care. The PatientNow CRM can help you and your staff connect more directly with your patients at every phase of their journey. It can even help you connect with patient leads and follow up with first-time guests.

To learn more about how our software can enhance your patient relationships, contact us today — or better yet: sign up for a demo. You’ll be amazed at how our advanced features can improve your practice and increase the impact you make on your community.

See how PatientNow can improve your practice’s vitals.

The industry’s only complete solution to managing all aspects of elective medical practices, built specifically for today’s modern medical landscape.
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