Every patient who enters your aesthetic practice requires the optimal cosmetic surgery photo management process that our PatientNOW software can offer you. Take a look at the virtual demonstration.

About Cosmetic Surgery Photo Management

Whether you need identification and verification in your front office, demonstrations of possible results in a consultation with a new patient, or documentation of your patient’s results for showcasing and marketing, cosmetic surgery photo management features integrated into out electronic records management (ERM) system are essential to the success of your medical practice.

Not only will photos load directly into the patient’s chart, but you can also place the photos in any and every section, eliminating the time you currently spend searching for the right photo. Put the right picture next to the right notes. And even better, with PatientNOW you have full mark-up capabilities with just a standard web camera at your front desk and a digital camera in your exam room, the photos are readily available for consults.

We integrate directly with Canfield Mirror Software and United Imaging

Integrating these systems within PatientNOW, allows physicians and technicians to use these technologies to their full potential as both diagnostic and communication tools. These advanced software programs help you simulate potential results or detect potentially harmful skin conditions.

Recording audio and video for documentation within patient records with an attached microphone or integrated microphone, you can record the patient-provider dialogue. Document procedures with streaming video that lands directly into the patient record.

Our Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) system helps you capture individual images from CD, a batch of images, or all images from a CD or from diagnostic image-centered website. Embedded DICOM viewer shows full header detail and view any way you want it: black and white, inverted black and white, hot metal and inverted hot metal.

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