CRM Trends for 2016: Is Your Practice Ready?

CRM software is a must-have for your plastic surgery practice today, allowing you to automate many of your processes in both customer acquisition and retention. As technology is constantly evolving, so is the way in which CRM is used by businesses and medical practices. If you want to remain at the front of the pack in your industry, it is important for you to stay abreast of the latest in CRM trends. What is trending in 2016? Take a look at these developments and make sure your practice is ready to deliver.


CRM will become more social.

The use of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook will continue to be a leading component to successful CRM this year and probably beyond. As social networks are one of the top ways adults stay connected to friends and family, they are increasingly using them to interact with businesses as well. Social media outlets are an effective way for your practice to track customer interactions or attract new customers.

Social networks allow your CRM to move beyond basic information to actually forming relationships with your patients. In addition, these outlets allow your patients to interact with one another, building a community for your practice. This is one of the most effective channels for getting information about new procedures or specials to your patients, with the ability to spread that news across networks for even more exposure.


CRM will become more mobile.

Mobile CRM is going to the next level, offerings more functionality than the early adaptations of desktop versions. Now, customers expect the same level of service from their mobile apps as what they see on their computers, forcing companies and medical practices to step up their CRM game. Mobile CRM allows you to interact with your patients even more effectively, as they can connect with your practice wherever they are.

Mobile CRM offers a variety of benefits to you as you focus on patient acquisition and retention for your practice:

• Everyone in your office and all of your patients have real-time access to the practice

• You are able to manage your office and interact with your patients on the go

• Mobile CRM allows you to stay connected to your basic network from any location

• You and your staff will enjoy better communication and collaboration abilities

• Better monitoring of key metrics to help you build your practice and retain happy patients

Mobile CRM is the wave of the future that is already essential to plastic surgery practices today. The more efficient your mobile apps, the more efficient your practice will operate overall.


CRM will become more integrated.

Integration is the name of the game in CRM this year, as patients want to be able to move across your platforms seamlessly. At the same time, you want access to all of your platforms without the need to download and upload from one system to another all the time. By integrating your platforms, your entire practice will become more efficient and your customer acquisition and retention will be free to increase.

An integrated CRM system allows you to manage a wide range of patient data from a single platform. You can track information and interact with your patients as necessary without interruption or delay. You will be able to respond to patient questions and provide efficient billing for services, without missing a beat in your daily operations.


CRM will become more vertical.

CRM is becoming more streamlined to specific industries, allowing you to implement CRM solutions that are designed for your plastic surgery practice. At Patient Now, we offer software that was created by plastic surgeons for plastic surgeons. Our instinctive tools provide exactly what you need to build and efficiently operate your practice.

When your CRM is customized to your practice, you can rest assured patients will not be falling through the cracks. You will be able to increase both acquisition and retention of patients, while enhancing the overall productivity and efficiency of your practice. When your operations become more automated, you and your staff spend less time in front of a computer and more time face-to-face with your patients, delivering the highest standard of patient care and building long-lasting relationships.


CRM will become more instinctive.

Predictive analytics move beyond the basic tracking of information to actually foreseeing the future in plastic surgery. Instead of just tracking procedures your patients have asked for in the past, predictive analytics will give you a clue as to what type of procedures they might be requesting in the future. The benefits of predictive analytics are almost limitless, once you realize you can begin catering to the specific needs of your patients before they even ask. Predictive analytics take your relationships with your patients to a deeper level, allowing you to provide the services they will be looking for through every step of the process. This personalized approach will lead to better patient retention as well as more new patients seeking out your practice.


CRM will become more prevalent.

CRM has proven itself as the top method of building a successful plastic surgery practice today. As you learn to interact with your patients, build relationships and meet their needs on a more personal level, your patients will grow in terms of numbers and loyalty. CRM is going to continue to thrive across all industries, including plastic surgery practices, as its value continues to be discovered and refined.

If you are not using CRM to your fullest advantage, rest assured other plastic surgery practices in your area are likely moving ahead in terms of grabbing the greatest benefits from this tool. Now is the time to focus on getting the most from your CRM options, by choosing a company that can help you implement the tools and programs you need to give your practice every advantage. To learn more about how we can use innovative CRM tools to build your practice, contact patientNOW today at 888-644-2987.