All diagnostic testing, including labs, imaging and physical therapy, is ordered and tracked directly in PatientNow. Save time, effort, and money by eliminating administrative tasks in managing lab results.

Lab interfaces are available for the following companies:

  • Quest Diagnostics
  • Labcorp
  • Dianon
  • D-PATH
  • CBLpath

Order and receive labs from your computer. Send orders to laboratories and draw stations electronically and update the patient record in real time. Results can be received directly in PatientNow using HL7 or another interface. Results are filed directly in the patient’s electronic record and staff is alerted. Results can be reviewed and signed online.

Lab and diagnostic details

How It Works

Order diagnostic tests using orders in PatientNow. After the laboratory has completed testing, the results are securely sent to the PatientNow server.

PatientNow processes the data from the lab results and stores it in the database. Based on key information such as test id, date, patient name and date-of-birth, the report is automatically filed and stored into the electronic patient chart. The type of lab report, date received and physician requesting the results are additional information that is stored with the report.


Staff is alerted immediately when test results are received and values are out of the reference range. Text page or emails are sent to staff members automatically. This greatly reduces risk.

Once the lab results are stored under the patient chart, an electronic notification is sent to the physician. The notification can either be an e-mail or SMS message with an id for the results. The physician reviews the results; out of range results can even be flagged as a high priority for immediate review within the workflow system.

With SignatureNow, the physician electronically approves and the results are stamped with the physician’s name, date, and timestamp. The physician can also send the results to one or several other people in the office for additional review.