Getting the Most out of Your PatientNOW System With Ongoing Training

You have already made one of the biggest investments you will make in your practice by implementing an EMR system, but have you reaped its full value, and more importantly, has it given you the return-on-investment you expect? Even the greatest tool does not work on its own. To get the maximum benefit from the EMR you already have, you need to understand how to put it to its best use, and that requires training.

Training your staff comes with its own costs — either extra hours or time away from the core value they add to your practice. However, when it comes to fully utilizing your EMR, you can achieve substantive efficiencies in every aspect of your practice which can have both monetary and qualitative returns. Further, on-going training ensures you don’t miss out on the value of new features when released. On-going training can fully unlock the value of your PatientNOW EMR system.

To get the full benefit from your EMR, you have to understand it

To benefit fully from all the features of your PatientNOW EMR, you not only have to know what they are but you have to know how to use them in ways that help your practice function better. Training introduces you to features in your EMR and shows you the correct way to use them and adapt them to get the most benefit.

You will also quickly find that your PatientNOW EMR system is constantly changing — for the better — as we improve features and offer new ones because plastic surgeons like yourself have asked for them. You will want to capitalize on the value that these new features offer, and regular training for you and your staff ensures that you are always “up to speed” and fully maximizing your implementation and practice efficiency.

Training That Fits Your Schedule

You provide quality care to your patients to help them look and feel their best. To help keep your focus on your clients, you need training that works around your packed schedule and makes the most of your time. PatientNOW offers several flexible training options to do just that.

If you prefer tailored and in-person training, PatientNOW can come to you, giving you the opportunity to get the big picture on how to optimize your EMR now that you have begun using it, or to focus on specific features you haven’t yet optimized or wish to add or better utilize.

Alternately, if you want on-demand training without the extra planning that in-person training involves, PatientNOW can train your team remotely via web conferencing. If you want training with even less administrative impact, you can dial-in to bi-monthly webinars or watch them at your convenience on our web portal.

An Investment You Don’t Have to Pay for

I have already invested in a PatientNOW EMR system. Do I have to pay more for training? No, you don’t. All PatientNOW EMR training is free. We want you to see returns from your PatientNOW EMR and maximize your return on investment. The only additional investment you will have to make is time, and taking time for training does more than make you expert users of your EMR system.

Training your staff makes them feel invested in which can make a qualitative difference in practice morale and function. Your team will also feel empowered knowing that they can operate the EMR independently, perform their job more effectively and offer better patient care, adding value at each step. With PatientNOW behind you to offer support whenever questions or problems arise, your team will have the time to offer the care that will bring patients back.

Training Maximizes Your Investment

The benefits of a workflow tool depend on two factors — how well the system fits your needs, and how well you use it. PatientNOW’s consultative approach — customizing the EMR to your practice’s needs and workflow requirements — help ensure the EMR provides out-of-the-box benefits to your practice. On a day to day basis, however, you and your staff will control how much value you will actually get from your implementation.

Training can make your team power users who get the most from every feature and adapt features to how you work. Your EMR can change with you to meet future workflow needs you didn’t anticipate, and the better you know your EMR, the better able you will be to continue to get value from your system. Training also unlocks the potential of your staff who, using the system, can spend more time on patients, building repeat business.

Contact PatientNOW today at 888-644-2987 to discuss your training needs and begin a personalized training program for you and your practice staff. The next thing you learn about your PatientNOW EMR could save you time and money and add more patients.

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