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PatientNow now offers the ability to require a card on file for your patient to book online. Set the requirement based on the appointment type, and create your own terms for patients to agree to before booking their appointment.

PatientNow Integrated Reporting presents data in an easy to understand visual format, with filters that let you view your data as granularly as you wish. Visual representations can be converted to detailed spreadsheets that can be further configured. Export tools allow you to download your reports in multiple different formats such as images, PDFs, spreadsheets, and more.

With new AutoSync, any updates patients make to their portals can automatically update across all PatientNow platform records; no more clicking the myPatientNow Sync button.

The Patient API allows the ability to programmatically create and edit patient information such as patient demographics, address, contact, procedures of interest, responsible party, insurance, etc. The API also supports the ability to query for patient records by filters or using patient ID.


Q2 Clinical

With the new RxPhoto integration enhancements, you will now be able to manipulate and perform all functions on photos captured in RxPhoto.

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RxPhoto Integration Enhancements

Q1 Engagement

MyPatientNow has been redesigned to make an effortless workflow for patients to follow. The beautiful redesign helps practices show their best face, so to speak, in an industry that is primarily focused on aesthetics.

With the redesign of MyPatientNow comes a new URL. Practices will have access both to their old (Legacy URL) as well as their new MyPatientNow URL. Below are example of Legacy and New MyPatientNow URLs:

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PatientNow’s online booking has been redesigned to make an effortless workflow for patients to follow. The beautiful redesign includes an auto-generated URL so practices may include it in emails to patients or directly on their website for easy booking.

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Q4 Performance

iPad checkout allows providers to check out patients directly from the exam room. iPad checkout is available for redeeming Unreceived Items as well as to purchase additional Packages and/or Immediate Sales. Surgeries and Gift Cards are NOT supported on 89PatientNow iPad App checkout.

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Sharding is a method of database partitioning to separates large databases into smaller, faster, more easily managed parts. These smaller parts are called data shards.  The change increases many aspects of the software’s speed.

Q3 Integration

*Included in Essential, Pro & Elite PatientNow

Integration allows providers to offer Cherry financing within the PatientNow software to streamline workflow and allow patients to finance higher-cost treatments, further improving treatment and consultation conversion.

With PatientNow’s integration with Cherry, practices now have an alternate option to offer a buy now, pay later solution. Practices can apply to Cherry directly from the PatientNow Windows Client, and can also request applications on a patient’s behalf directly from the Patient Information tab within PatientNow.

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Aesthetic Now
*Required Software: PatientNow v7.0.209.2

PatientNow and AestheticNow have integrated to provide customers the best of both worlds: tracking referral sources from AestheticNow Opportunities and using PatientNow pathways or AestheticNow Marketing strategies to market to prospects and patients effectively. Additionally, PatientNow’s calendar moves patients through AestheticNow Sell Status, which may trigger AestheticNow Campaigns.

With bidirectional communication between the two platforms, PatientNow can offer even more opportunities to market and track patient conversions, as well as run reports on the most effective referral sources and campaigns to help boost revenue.

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*Included in Elite PatientNow or can be purchased in Lab Integration Bundle.

Can send lab orders directly to LabCorp and receive results within the system. Results also may be shared with the patient via the patient portal or faxed to another doctor. Create an account with LabCorp, provide account ID to link account information to RX/Orders tab.

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fullscript logo

*Included in Essential, Pro & Elite PatientNow

Easily add supplements to patients’ treatment plans through the efficient Fullscript integration. Practitioners who integrate their Fullscript account with PatientNow see an increase of 16% more revenue per month, and 33% more prescriptions written per week.

The practice or our internal team can find Fullscipt in our PatientNow settings tab. They simply open the page and fill out the simple registration form. Fullscript then works directly with the practice.

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PatientNow now integrates with eFax, formerly known as MyFax. This integration allows for practices to receive faxes digitally through the software.

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Q2 Front Desk Efficiencies

The updated PatientNow Scheduler helps prevent double booking providers, rooms, and equipment while also eliminating the need to create a default schedule for rooms or equipment. With the update, configuring Resources (providers, rooms, and equipment) and Appointment Types is more efficient. Using the updated Smart Scheduler also makes booking appointments effortless, by only presenting appropriate Resources based on Appointment Type and automatically assigning any Resources that are not manually selected.

Configuring Resources and Appointment Types in the new Smart Scheduler also applies to patients scheduling on MyAppointmentNow Booking Portal, new Online Booking and the iOS Mobile Application. Patients will no longer be able to accidentally double book any provider, room, or equipment.

Please note that the update will not change your current scheduler or configuration. The updated Smart Scheduler is available to all practices should you choose to use it. For details on configuration and usage, please see:

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Inputting data can be tedious and time consuming, but its accuracy is crucial. Ensure the reliability of address data in your patient records with Address AutoComplete. Address AutoComplete is available in the Contact Information section of the PatientNow Windows Client and iOS application, as well as in the MyPatientNow Patient Portal.

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PatientNow allows you to track inventory on retail items as well as backbar and internally-used products.

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Q1 Payment Facilitation
  • Drive per-patient spend & retention by generating recurring revenue through Membership Programs or Loyalty Award Points.
  • Our secure Integrated Payments Program allows for automatic invoicing to be sent monthly using our ‘set it & forget it’ option.
  • Repeat patients will spend 2-6x more.
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*Access requires an active “PatientNow Payments” Merchant account.

Users of PatientNow’s newer CreditCardNow product (Payrix) may now send the patient an email with a link to an encrypted portal, and the patient can pay from that email.

  • Email/text a secure link to pay: practices can enter invoices into a patient record and request for a payment via email/text.
  • No PHI: When sending the secure link to a patient, no PHI is exchanged.

*In order to use SecurePayNow, you must have a signed contract. For information regarding this process, please contact the PatientNow Sales Team at .

PatientNow offers the ability to securely store a patient’s credit card and use it to either manually pay for an invoice or automatically pay for an invoice; currently automation is only available for Membership invoices.

You may also use SecurePayNow in conjunction with MyAppointmentNow to require the patient to pay in order to schedule the appointment.

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