Increase Repeat Business with RxPayments Membership Features

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    Did you know…

    – Repeat patients will spend 2-6x more than a first time patient
    – 81% of Millennial patients are highly influenced by loyalty programs
    – Increasing your retention by 5% can increase your profitability by up to 25%

    Exclusive membership feature for all PatientNow users!

    • Manage Your Annual Or Monthly Membership Programs Within The PatientNow System.
    • Drive per-patient spend & retention by generating recurring revenue for your practice through our popular Loyalty & Awards Points Program.
    • Our Secure Integrated Payments Program allows for automatic invoicing to be sent monthly using our ‘set it & forget it’ option.
    • Card-on-file functionality with no monthly program fee to allow for recurring billing, accepting deposits & applying appointment ‘no-show’ fees.
    • Competitive rates

    Designed specifically for PatientNow users, this program will help you streamline operations, improve per-patient spend, increase retention, and most importantly, drive revenue in your practice in 2021 & beyond. Take advantage today!

    Improve Your Practice’s Vitals