Patient Acquisition and Retention

How Does Our Patient Management Software Work?

PatientNOW’s value to the practice is also increased through up selling. Marketing campaigns for products and procedures are managed through PatientNOW. Campaigns can be automated and managed based on time after and appointment or the completion of a procedure. This helps to make sure that your patients come back when due for re-treatment instead of waiting for the patient to contact you. Patient Retention and Acquisition automatically generates procedure follow up reminders based on the last appointment. PatientNOW patient management software also provides award points based on purchases and patient referrals. Award points can be turned into gift cards. The practice can increase patient loyalty and revenue by using these features built into PatientNOW. Patient Management Software can aid a practice to attract one more patient per week. Every practice is different but as an example, one new Botox patient per week that comes in for four treatments per year would generate 1,000 per patient or 52,000 per year for the practice. This patient management software doesn’t include the client upsell opportunities that an automated marketing system can create. Everyday new prospective patients call but don’t schedule. When there is no one to follow up on calls leads are lost. PatientNOW has a solution for this: Patient management software ! This treatment course is an automated follow up system that triggers action based on the patient’s procedure and stage of treatment. For and inquiry, as soon as the prospective patient hangs up, an informational email can be sent to inform the patient regarding their procedure of interest and details about the practice and/or provider. The email is sent automatically from our patient management software and additional follow up can be configured based on preferences.

More about PatientNOW

PatientNOW is here to help with whatever you need. Whether you are switching from another system or opening a new office, Patient Acquisition and Retention management software has extensive experience importing data from other systems, making our training understandable from all levels of users, providing consistent assistance by technicians in the US and delivering new updates regularly to keep you on the leading edge. We at PatientNOW genuinely care about the success or your company. When technical support for Patient Acquisition and Retention is called, you speak to our dedicated support personnel, not an automated answering system. It is a personal support experience where our technicians will work with you to resolve the issue. Our technicians are equipped to handle issues with Patient management software, as well as basic hardware, software, and network troubleshooting. If required, our support specialists have the ability to connect remotely to your workstation to access your server.