Patient Appointment Reminder

An appointment reminder sends out customizable text message reminders (also called SMS reminders), and email reminders to your patients. PatientNOW understands the needs of cosmetic surgery and medical spa practices, offering the perfect software solution for both small and large. With the ever increasing demand of patient response for practices everywhere, reminders, follow up, and follow through are key components to running a successful practice. Before PatientNOW, appointments would be forgotten or deliberately missed, causing practices revenue and daily appointment scheduling conflicts.

User-Friendly Appointment Reminder Features

The appointment reminder feature of PatientNOW lets medical practices and spas send much needed reminders automatically. A very user-friendly and reliable way to schedule any appointment is available with our easy-to-use text message reminders (via SMS), or email reminders as you specify. PatientNOW’s appointment reminder feature will assist with decreasing cancellations and no-shows. Our medical practices tell us that we have helped them streamline their practice by increasing confirmed patient appointments and staff retention by eliminating phone calls they no longer have to make.

Every medical practice knows that no shows and cancellations are an added cost. Here are a few added benefits you will experience with PatientNOW’s appointment reminder feature:

  • Confirm Patient Appointments and Post The Results Directly To Your Scheduler In Real-Time
  • Contact Your Patients By Text and Email
  • Provide Your Practice With Highly Customized Reminder Protocols
  • Improve Patient Communication and Reduce Wait Times
  • Increase Revenue and Reduce Patient No-Shows and Cancellations
  • Reduce Labor Costs and Improve Efficiencies

Learn About Text & Email Reminders with PatientNOW

Before PatientNOW, a surgery practice or medical spa would spend hours each day following up with patients to remind them of their appointments. PatientNOW improves the overall patient follow-up process and eliminates the need for excessive phone calls for future appointment reminders. Compared to other appointment reminders, PatientNOW is the affordable solution that offers simplicity, functionality, and flexibility to meet the needs of your office.