We love hearing back from our users and listen to what you have to say to continue making improvements to our software. Your suggestions and ideas become new features and updates and if there is something you don’t like, we’ll see what we can do to make it work better for you.

Here are some things that doctors are saying about patientNOW.

“At EVEXIAS® Medical Centers we perform over 750 treatments per month- but before implementing patientNOW- only around 40% returned for a second visit. After implementing patientNOW and their “recall” feature, we saw an increase in returning patients. After just 180 days, we are seeing 70% return for another treatment! This has made a significant impact on our business. We can’t wait until we are over 90%, and believe with patientNOW we will be!”

Den Deneui


“We’ve grown substantially with PatientNOW and it has provided much better control of our office. What I like about PatientNOW is that it’s flexible, intuitive, and easy to understand.”

Jeffrey Spiegel, MD

Chestnut Hill, MA

“Because of PatientNOW my retention rate for BOTOX patients has climbed from 50% to 75%! And I love using PatientNOW on my iPad.  Now I can pack the power of the entire office staff in my hand.  It’s totally portable and complete…plus it’s cool!”

Peter J. Capizzi, M.D.

Stillwater Plastic Surgery
Charlotte, NC

“The system paid for itself within the first 6 months in reduced transcription and clerical costs alone! PatientNOW helps our patients feel that we are on the cutting edge and that we have a high‐tech, high touch practice. We can identify with patients a little more personally. It is the best EMR and marketing software we have found.”

William Beeson, M.D.

Beeson Aesthetic Surgery Institute
Carmel, IN

“Wow! I love it when technology works to make my practice more efficient and profitable. By using the iPad with PatientNOW my patients see that I am on the cutting edge, using technology that benefits them and my practice.”

Eric R. Ashby MD, FACS

Ashby Plastic Surgery & Laser Aesthetics
Salt Lake City, Utah

“I have instantaneous and universal access to all the electronic records in my office regardless of where I am located. We have been able to cut down on human error, and have reduced our paperwork by 85%!”

Phillip Dahan, MD, FACS

Advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Reno, Nevada

“For me, PatientNOW has proven to be user-friendly and cost-effective. PatientNOW’s price point was very attractive, compared to other systems that were 3 to 5 times as expensive. And by improving everything from medical documentation to patient marketing, retention, and safety, it’s really streamlined our practice.”

Gregory Alouf, MD

Alouf Aesthetics
Salem, Virginia

“Haley with patientNOW was awesome! Everything went so smoothly with the PatientNOW implementation. And since our GO LIVE day all the support staff at PatientNOW has been wonderful.  Every time we call the office we hear back from them the same day.”

Jessica Palomares

Project Manager for Dr. Grant Stevens
Marina Plastic Surgery, Marina Del Rey, CA

“PatientNOW has allowed us to grow significantly without adding additional staff. By automating a lot of the follow-up steps and streamlining consults we are able to serve more patients every day”

Denise Tegels

Practice Director
Zinsser Plastic Surgery
Richmond, Virginia

“In doing a phased implementation of PatientNOW we have been able to put into practice various portions of this comprehensive solution in bite sized pieces. PatientNOW’s training staff has worked with us, at our pace, so that we are now beginning to get a great return for our investment.”

Roxanne Engel Durkin, PhD

Director of Operations
Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery, Vero Beach, FL

“Remote completion of the patients’ demographics, insurance information, and consent forms alone has cut my front desk staff’s work for a new patient to almost zero. This has markedly decreased patients’ perception of time wasted waiting while my staff entered their data. Plus, it makes my practice seem very modern and efficient to new patients.”

Heidi Gilchrist, MD

Gilchrist Aesthetic and Medical Dermatology
Encinitas, CA

Because we are paperless, patients continually commented on how beautiful and uncluttered our office is when compared to other medical offices.”

Tania Atagi, MD, FACS

Atagi Plastic Surgery & Atagi Skin Aesthetics
Lone Tree, Colorado

We are not a tech savvy office, so the training team at PatientNOW went above and beyond the call to work with our staff at our comprehension level to confidently implement the PatientNOW system at our practice. Many times when we call, they address our need immediately and to me that’s great support! One of our favorite features is the ability to immediately customize any of our patient communications. The appointment reminders have saved us time and cut down on our No Shows

Michael Edwards, MD, FACS

Edwards Plastic Surgery
Las Vegas, Nevada

I love our PatientNOW Software System. We have implemented it at our practice, and the folks at PatientNOW couldn’t have been more helpful. It functions well in all areas of our office … as well as allows our patients to complete paperwork electronically

Randolph Waldman, MD

Waldman Schantz Plastic Surgery Center
Lexington, Kentucky