Document Management

Our patient documents look just like your paper charts, with colored tabs and tab names that match your existing documents. QuickVIEW is just like flipping through a paper file — pages appear instantly as you flip through.

Our unique EMR barcode system reduces manual indexing and eliminates data entry errors. Pages will always be in the right chart.

Although we can eliminate most paper use with EMR, paper documents will remain in use. patientNOW EMR comes with fully integrated document management, improving your organization process:

  • Manage scanned images
  • Manage E-Mail and Faxes
  • Capture patient signatures
  • Photo storage and management
  • Word processing
  • Diagnostic images

Capture patient signatures digitally

When the patient arrives for their appointment, staff can hand them a Tablet PC running the Register|Now Client Application. Your patients can now digitally sign the same form they filled out on the Web site. HIPAA forms, consents, as well as fees and payments can also be digitally authorized. Digital patient signatures are embedded within the documents and automatically stored into the patientNOW system.

Export Documents

Export patient charts quickly and easily to streamline your workflow. Send documents for review, signature, pre-authorization, or fax. Different staff members can be assigned incoming documents for review, digital signatures or other purposes.

With patientNOW EMR, you can easily route work to the most cost-effective staff member in an efficient manner. Physicians and Staff can be alerted about their specific queues, so they never miss an important document or task.


Scan paper, insurance cards, driver licenses and photos and add them to your EMR. Scan templates to get your documents in the right place every time. Scan both sides of a document simultaneously – with full color and expansion to full-page size.

Mailings and Letters

Not everyone reads emails or has an email account. Plus, mailings are cost-effective and very measurable. Generate labels, envelopes, letters and packages for mailing. You can purchase neighborhood lists for areas that match the demographics of your ideal customer. Let them know you exist. Include your before and after photos, practice logo, or other images.