Insurance Billing

Insurance Billing is a separate module in patientNOW, because many cosmetic surgery practices and medical spas do not have an insurance component.

Key features of the patientNOW Insurance Billing feature are listed below:

Live training provided by patientNOW and IngenixENS
Live help through patientNOW M-F 8:00 AM MST – 5:00 PM MST

Outsource Your Insurance Billing

  • Insurance Billing Service at
  • Configuration costs $1,500
  • Pay 5% – 6% of the Amount Collected. Insurance only
  • No Need to Employ a Biller
  • All claims are prepared, reviewed and submitted electronically to the insurance companies
  • Denials are Followed Up with Promptly to Ensure you Get Paid
  • patientNOW interfaces directly with the billing service, sending patient demographics, insurance information, referring provider and charges
  • Your practice is paid directly by the insurance companies
  • You then pay the billing service 5% – 6% of the revenue collected from insurance companies