Patient Engagement & Retention

The success of your cosmetic practice depends on your patient’s experience. Every aspect of a patient’s encounter with your office — from initial inquiry to final follow-up — gives your practice the opportunity to establish your value proposition and differentiate yourself from your competition. With the high-volume of patients you serve, however, maintaining constant and meaningful contact with each patient and prospect can pose a significant challenge, even if you have a large, seasoned and experienced practice group.

PatientNOW Pathways — designed specifically for cosmetic medical practices and medical spas — can help ensure that every patient and prospect receives personalized attention, procedure-specific information and user-friendly channels to interact with your practice, regardless of their interests or stage in the treatment cycle. A PatientNOW EMR with Pathways enables you to leverage the platform you already have to reach and stay in contact with prospects, capitalize on recurrent treatments and better serve existing patients.

PatientNOW Pathways Helps You Convert Inquiries Into Patients

PatientNOW Pathways gives your practice the opportunity to engage prospects at every stage of the treatment cycle, from the first call to touch-up reminders.

For example, prospects who call but don’t schedule do not get lost in PatientNOW’s Pathways workflow. Instead, they automatically receive detailed information about their procedure of interest, you and your practice based on group or patient settings you control.

No-shows also stay within Pathways’s marketing focus, receiving additional information that can range from brochures to testimonials to special offers to encourage them to visit your office and complete their consultation.

Converting a fraction of these inquiry calls each month can lead to significant returns every year, especially when you consider the additional marketing value that referrals from this business may bring.

Keep Existing Patients and Maximize Current Revenues Using PatientNOW Pathways

Once you have conveyed the benefits of their procedure and scheduled surgery, Pathways continues to automate communications between your practice and your patient. Through the PatientNOW Pathways workflow, your patients will receive the information they need when they need it, automatically, and feel catered to while it also frees your staff to provide the person-to-person patient care that will lead to high patient confidence, positive reviews and referrals.

PatientNOW Pathways can send pre- and post-operative care instructions and follow-up reminders directly to your patients and even remind you to send flowers during their recovery. Patients who receive recurring treatments throughout the year can also receive regular emails so they will never miss a touch-up. This feature also saves your practice money since you have already invested consultation time in these patients.

Automating Your Marketing Means You Can Provide Better Patient Care

Converting a one-time patient into one who will seek additional procedures requires the time and attention of you and your practice group. Thoughtful and personalized will often yield the most successful outcome and make a new patient a recurring one.

A PatientNOW EMR with Pathways can free time taken up by business generation and return it to your core competency, offering high-quality cosmetic treatments. Providing exceptional patient care helps separate you from the crowd, attract more business and give your marketing efforts more credibility.

PatientNOW Pathways helps you keep your focus on providing quality care and makes it easy for you to communicate success stories and results, creating a virtuous cycle of exceptional patient care and effective marketing.

PatientNOW Pathways Ensures Your Practice Captures the Most Patients

PatientNOW Pathways offers robust ways to communicate with all your patients and prospects, keeping them engaged in their treatment cycle and your new offerings, regardless of their interests or buying patterns.

For existing patients, PatientNOW Pathways can calculate return dates, contact patients by text or email and remind them of their follow-up or touch-up dates, providing them with an appointment scheduling link or a link to the patient portal.

For both new and potential patients, you can easily create marketing campaigns or eBlasts within Pathways allowing you to deliver marketing collaterals to contacts you choose, based on procedure type or other customizable criteria. You can even set-up offers around patients’ birthdays or surgical anniversaries that will go out automatically.

PatientNOW Pathways also allows you to design your own Loyalty or Rewards Points program, assigning point values to gift cards you mail out or as discounts towards additional procedures or future procedures.

PatientNOW Pathways maximizes the ways in which you and your practice group can incentivize your patients to remain active — regardless of their buying preferences — while also making it as easy as possible for you to manage your marketing initiatives, saving you time which you can then reinvest in patient care and professional development.

You already have the best marketing — your practice itself — PatientNOW Pathways communicates that

The reputation of your practice depends on your patients’ experiences, and your patients’ experience depends largely on the quality care your patients receive while in your practice.

A strong patient-focus makes the difference between a good practice and an excellent one, and focussing your time and effort on patient care can pay the largest dividends, even in the short term, through referrals.

A successful practice must then look for methods and tools that always put the patient first, freeing up time for patient care and minimizing administration and tasks that don’t return investment.

PatientNOW Pathways connected to your existing PatientNOW EMR leverages advantages you already enjoy by automating your workflow and extends them to your marking initiatives — further optimizing your practice initiatives, saving you time and improving your quality of service.

A PatientNOW Pathways workflow ensures you always communicate your primary marketing message to all your patients and prospects, automatically — your practice delivers high-quality, compassionate care every day, and you look forward to their appointment!

Call PatientNOW today at 888-644-2987 for more information on a PatientNOW Pathways workflow and to learn how it, along with your existing EMR, can help you have your best financial year yet.