Surgery Scheduling Software

It’s easy to use and comprehensive! Each surgery category can be pre-defined:

  • Specify the required rooms to reserve for the various types of procedures
  • Identify necessary equipment for the specific techniques or provider’s preferences
  • Scheduling the appropriate physicians, technicians, or other and staff needed for each surgery

The use of pre-defined appointment types in PatientNOW’s surgery scheduling software ensures that appointment schedulers block the necessary time and resources effectively and efficiently as needed. This module of PatientNOW’s software also includes many efficiency-enhancing features:

  • Color-coding allows users to note appointments and daily schedules.
  • Viewing schedules in variable time increments can be defined by your preferences.
  • Appointments can be assigned default lengths to reduce scheduling inconsistencies.
  • And PatientNOW’s surgery scheduling software synchronizes with MS Outlook & Smart Phones.
  • All functions are available as buttons on the scheduling screen or on the right click menu.
  • Spending days teaching new personnel how to schedule is a thing of the past; it’s an easy to learn system that prompts the scheduler to include all the pre-defined resources, and it only takes a day or so to absorb all the major features

Additionally, the surgery scheduling software by PatientNOW has a “Patients for Today” feature that shows cancellations, prints check-in documents or allows patients to sign documents electronically, tracks the patients’ movements through the facility, and displays and tracks collection of co-payments. More specifically:

  • Printed Check-In Documents – Professionally designed templates are included, which will print with your logo, have the patient’s data printed on the form, ready for the patient’s review at check-in. Each document is barcoded, so after the patient signs the form, it’s ready to be scanned and automatically indexed to the correct electronic chart.  No more misfiling important documents.
  • Electronic Patient Sign-in – Better yet, by using a signature pad or tablet PC, patients can review and sign their forms electronically, eliminating the need to print documents for signature and then scan them back in.
  • Appointment Flow Display – Tracks the patients and allows everyone in the office to know where each patient is and for how long the patient has been there. Check patients in, move them to the lab, or back to any room; and the Appoint Flow display monitors movements of each and every patient. With optimized time you’ll keep your patients happy, and the scheduler – patient relationship is enhanced.
  • Automated Appointment Reminders – Patients can opt to receive appointment reminders via email or text message. You save time because there’s no staff involvement, just set a message for each appointment type and set a specific time or days before an appointment for the reminder to be sent.