3 Benefits of Patient Now’s EMRs for Age Management

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As a medical practitioner in the field of age management, you have many patients coming to you each day to discuss age-related concerns, illnesses, and symptoms. Many practitioners feel the weight of these concerns and want to provide the best services possible for their patients. 

Part of providing quality services is finding an efficient and reliable way to manage patient data, collaborate with patients, and streamline operations in a way that promotes patient welfare. 

At PatientNow, we offer a comprehensive EMR system, and we are a leading provider of health and wellness practices across the nation. With many years of experience, we offer both the software and the ongoing support that age management practices need to be able to implement our EMR system and make recording data simpler. 

We will explore three of the main benefits of our EMR system for age management practices and how it can help you to improve your patient experience and outcomes, increase productivity within your business, and make all of your practice operations easier and more streamlined. 

Benefit #1: Centralized Software to Integrate Every Part of Your Business 

As a complex industry, age management practices often find themselves having to use multiple different programs and software systems to manage all the different aspects of their business. Often this means having different systems for patient management, billing and payment processes, marketing and customer relationship management, and patient data. 

Having several different software systems is not only time-consuming and inefficient, but it can also lead to more mistakes, longer waiting times for patients, and an overall decreased patient experience. Our system can serve as a centralized platform that can integrate every part of your health and wellness practice, making for a better experience for both your staff and your patients. 

In addition to our Electronic Medical Record software, we can simplify your billing and payment processing through our payments systems, manage inventory through integration with e-commerce platforms, improve your marketing and customer relationship, and give you enhanced reporting and analytics through our centralized data storage and reporting tools.  All of this is stored in one location, making it easy to generate reports, access patient data, schedule appointments, track patient progress, and much more. 

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Benefit #2: Improved Communication and Collaboration 

Effective communication is essential in age management practices. Because every case is unique, patients need personalized care plans that differ from other patients and that are tailored to their unique needs and goals. 

Our platform allows for fast and easy shared medical records between doctors, office staff, and the patient. This feature allows for all of a patient’s providers within your practice to have access to the same information. 

Using our management software can facilitate communication between you and your patients while also improving collaboration between you and other healthcare professionals who are caring for your patient inside your practice. This can lead to better health outcomes for your patients while also ensuring a positive experience. 

We offer email, social media, and text messaging services to allow you to maintain communication with your patients and promote your practice. We also offer a patient portal where patients can maintain communication with you and access their medical records at any time. This portal is easy to navigate and encourages patient engagement in their own health. 

Benefit #3: Improved Patient Experience

Your patient’s experience is the most critical component of your age management practice. A positive patient experience can lead to higher patient satisfaction, increased engagement, better health outcomes, and increased patient retention for your practice. 

We can improve your patient experience by providing convenient appointment scheduling and reminders. Patients are able to schedule their appointments through their portal and then the information can be accessed by all parties. This service is available at any time, allowing patients to schedule appointments even after hours. 

Our medical management software also allows you to personalize patient care in a way that can be difficult through other means. You can create custom care plans that are accessible at any time. These care plans can include detailed information about diet and exercise recommendations and other lifestyle modifications, as well as information about treatments and medications. 

Finally, patients can always stay informed about their health status and treatment plans by viewing their medical records online at any time. This can reduce the need for phone calls, which can benefit the patient while increasing productivity within your practice. EMR for age management companies saves patients time and hassle and involves them more in their own health for a more integrative and quality experience. 

Implementing EMR Software Into Your Age Management Practice

If you are looking to improve your age management practice, implementing an EMR system is a good starting point. You can begin by requesting a demo to find out if our integrated software will work for your practice. Next, you will need to prepare your staff for the changes and ready your data for transfer. BarcodeNow is an easy transfer process that allows you to scan documents without manually entering them for easier paper-to-digital transfer. 

At PatientNow, we provide support for age management practices who use our software. We always offer continuing support and training to help you and your staff to become proficient in using our software.  

EMR for Age Management Practices

If you have an age management practice anywhere in the country, you can utilize EMR software from PatientNow. This cloud-based software can bring many benefits to your practice, including better patient data management, improved communication between patients and their healthcare providers, and a better patient experience. 

With our medical management software, you can finally integrate all the different components of your business. You can build stronger relationships with your patients, increase conversion rate through automated follow-up, and much more. 
If you are interested in beginning the process of transferring your paper charts to our EMR software, you can get in touch with us today. Call us at (800) 436-3150 or request a personalized demo through our website.

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