6 Ways a Health & Wellness CRM Can Improve Profitability 

Electronic medical record (EMR) systems have become an industry standard for information storage. Other systems, from marketing to revenue to customer relationship management (CRM), have followed. 

While specialized programs for each task do their job admirably, using a separate application for every task is not very efficient. It can be easy to miss yesteryear’s stacks of paper records when dealing with training time, licensing fees, maintenance costs, and other timesinks that accompany this setup. 

But a CRM that combines these different systems into a unified application can work wonders. Let’s look at 6 ways this approach can improve profitability: 

1. Using a System Designed for Health & Wellness Enhances Effectiveness

Instead of a generic CRM application designed for fast-paced enterprise verticals or a dry EMR system that stores records and nothing else, AestheticNow is designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs of med spas and elective procedure providers.

Our before-and-after photo generation system improves the quality of both the treatments you provide and your marketing showcases. With its clear on-screen instructions, and grid alignments matched to photo templates, we generate greater consistency in patient materials to create a unified look across all samples.

Digital consent forms make it quick and easy to gain patients’ permission to display their new selves to the world. Secure document storage from images to medical records helps you keep compliant with private health information regulations and assure patients that you’re keeping their data safe. 

Med spas can accommodate patients concerned about safety with built-in telehealth capabilities and communicate directly using encrypted text messages. 

AestheticNow stores all this information in a single platform and makes it easy to access whenever it’s needed. 

2. Combined Systems Bring Savings at Every Stage 

We combine the benefits of multiple services into a single high-quality package. Thanks to the merger between PatientNow, AestheticNow, and RxPhoto, you can save on licensing fees and the headache of switching programs by using a general platform with the combined expertise of multiple specialists. 

When you combine your EMR system and CRM needs into a single package, you save across the board.

You save on training hours and reduce lost productivity by training employees only once on a single platform that they know and find comfortable. This approach can foster collaboration and cooperation between departments since they pull their information from the same source. 

A combined system reduces licensing fees. There’s no reason to pay for a dozen different professional products and their redundant features when one expert application can do everything. 

Our united system incorporates all input data in a single place. When those redundant features disappear, your spa saves hours as manual data re-entry disappears overnight. 

IT costs also drop. A single program that only interacts with itself has fewer points of failure. The chance of critical errors drops, and so does the complexity of your system — ensuring fast, reliable communication. 

Most importantly, any authorized user can access this information from anywhere, on any device. AestheticNow meets the modern CRM standard with cloud-based storage and access from any web browser.

This secure system unlocks your spa staff from the confines of in-office workstations and frees them to do their best work on the machines they find most comfortable. Happier health & wellness employees mean a better health & wellness experience for patients and clients. 

Let’s transform your practice together!

3. Cross-Referencing Enriches the Health & Wellness Experience

Patients remember every step they’ve taken in their journey with you and expect consistency in the care they receive. They know everything about their past experiences, and knowing the ups and downs pays dividends.

AestheticNow empowers med spa workers to do just that. We conduct and store communications from patients on the same platform as charts, forms, medical records, billing, and other documents. This approach makes it easy to check aspects of the patient’s prior history to answer questions and address current concerns. 

Patients love fast, quality service, and with information right at your fingertips, you can provide just that. 

4. Digital Record Storage Saves Time and Space 

AestheticNow is a firm believer in the value of digital record-keeping. Paper and ink costs are enormous. Not to mention the costs of printer upkeep and replacement and the time lost waiting for a printer to finish job output. 

Here’s a sample list of some of the paper materials med spas can convert from physical to digital and keep in a safe, secure, cloud-based storage solution: 

  • Forms 
  • Appointment schedules 
  • Photos 
  • Revenue records 
  • Marketing engagement records
  • Billing and payments
  • Patient records 

Save time on the digital conversion process with barcoding. The demands of manual data entry make adoption a daunting task. AestheticNow’s barcoding converts old documents from physical to digital with ease by automatically assigning scans to the correct patients and storing them in the appropriate EMR system folder. 

This efficient digitization process ensures med spas can keep unified records — records separated into physical and digital copies by age would defeat the entire purpose of digital efficiency. Our system ensures that you can provide your oldest and most valuable clients with the same expert care you provide to newer patients. 

5. Inter-Team Analytics Help You Adapt Faster

Thanks to RxMarketing’s integrated, secure payment system, you can track revenue and overall productivity in real-time. This financial reporting combines marketing results and engagement tracking in a single platform. 

This holistic data showing what you’re doing and how it impacts your business makes it easy to see the results of your decisions and make quick changes in direction when needed. Don’t wait until month-end to review your spa’s health. 

With AestheticNow, you can see it right away. 

6. More Free Time Means Better Patient Relationships

The speed afforded by this combined system cuts down the time and energy demanded by busy work. This reduction helps every employee at every level do what they were hired to do: provide the best patient care possible. 

Going above and beyond is the ultimate goal of health & wellness. When you want to provide a proactive approach rather than reactive treatment, the ability to exceed the bare minimum and consider each patient’s unique needs is vital. 

AestheticNow’s time-saving measures empower you to do just that. 

Increase Customer Retention with RxMarketing’s Built-In Membership Programs 

AestheticNow with integrated RxPayments does it all. With best-in-industry rates and an inbuilt membership program that ensures the best customers come back again and again, we know we’re the best choice to save your med spa more time than you imagined. 

Reach out to PatientNow, and streamline today. 

See how PatientNow can improve your practice’s vitals.

The industry’s only complete solution to managing all aspects of elective medical practices, built specifically for today’s modern medical landscape.
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