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Though the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic has passed, it’s clear the digital conversions it pushed on business, medicine, and education are here to stay. Instead of clinging to the past, recognizing this change and being ready to adapt is the clear way forward. 

Telehealth — the process of conducting client-provider communications over the internet through secure, HIPAA-compliant channels — comes with many benefits. 

Without the limits of distance, providers can grow their client base and only bring them in when both are certain an in-office procedure is the right way to go. In the same way, clients can stick with their favorite providers even when they move or travel, and visit the office only when absolutely necessary. 

For elective and cosmetic providers, telehealth communications provide a quick and easy way to get updates on patient progress throughout their recovery periods and encourage patients to give their clinicians the most up-to-date information about their status. 

While the benefits are many, investing in a telehealth system capable of providing returns in virtual care for the long term requires an overhaul in internal software infrastructure that not all med spas can handle. That’s where RxPortal comes in. 

What Is RxPortal? 

RxPortal is one of the many services covered by AestheticNow’s extensive software package designed specifically for med spas and other aesthetic clinicians. 

While other products in the package cover CRM, marketing, and photography, RxPortal is the ultimate patient portal oriented toward and designed for med spas looking to expand their virtual care capabilities.

Anything you did in the office, RxPortal digitizes and consolidates into a single intuitive dashboard. 

From digital appointments and automated reminders to keep patients from missing them to a 100% paper-free portal, RxPortal rockets med spas into the 21st century while remaining fully compliant with HIPAA. 

Ready to reap the rewards of remote patient care?

Virtual Care and Video Visits 

Digital appointments are the most basic and most important telehealth services, and what most patients and providers think about when they first hear “telehealth.” RxPortal more than delivers on expectations. 

RxPortal’s telehealth services are more than just a HIPAA-secure Zoom call for clients and providers to meet and share updates. It includes video chat, of course, but goes above and beyond. 

RxPortal empowers providers to conduct fully remote consultations, matching expert providers to clients without stepping foot in the same room. This digital connection gives potential and repeat clients alike the vital information they need across time zones, long distances, and geographical barriers so clinics seeking new clients can cast a wide net. 

Clients seeking the specialized services you provide and clients who loved working with you in the past can both reach your providers with ease, no matter where they are or when they want to talk. 

We help you broaden your reach so you can build a bigger client base. Since telehealth appointments also cut down on in-office logistics between appointments, you can move from one client to the next with new efficiency. You can reduce wait times, move more appointments in the same day, and send more patients away satisfied. 

Even better, this service is fully secure and completely compliant with HIPAA regulations. Now you can spend less time worrying about security and more time giving your clients the quality they deserve and have come to expect. 

Automated Reminders 

Because telehealth increases the number of patients you can see in a day, it’s more important than ever to minimize cancellations and no-shows. 

RxPortal makes life easier for your staff in the front of the office with automatic reminders to patients. By integrating with our CRM software, it accesses patient contact information to make confirmations happen without the draining time sink and “phone tag” of manual appointment reminders. 

We make it easy to reach clients through their preferred method of contact by sending texts, emails, or both — parts of telehealth that are just as important as video conferencing, but often ignored. 

Paperless Portal 

Relying on the postal service when working with the long-distance clients that telehealth allows you to reach cuts your speed of business. Email and other typical methods of patient communication simply aren’t secure and can land you in regulatory hot water. 

RxPortal provides a 100% paperless patient sign-in portal that integrates directly with AestheticNow’s cloud record-keeping service and is easy to access for both patients and providers. 

Our digital registration forms mean patients can fill out their information ahead of time. Rather than rush through it in an office outside their comfort zone, they can give important paperwork the attention it deserves in their own home. 

Personal Touch with Personal Texts 

As a provider of elective procedures, building a rapport with your clients is even more important than it is for a typical clinic. To make repeat business possible, patients have to want to return. 

RxPortal provides an encrypted, HIPAA-compliant text messaging service to provide a regular channel of communication between provider and patient. This regular interaction helps patients feel involved in their care and gives them the chance to have their questions answered, even outside regular appointments. 

And it goes beyond texts. Clients can do all of the following: 

  • Upload photos 
  • Download educational materials 
  • Fill out documents and forms 

This reduces the number of routine appointments outside of consultations and procedures, which neither clients nor providers will miss. 

Try RxPortal with Our Full Suite of Quality Products Today 

RxPortal isn’t a generic portal service for just any medical provider. It’s tailored to med spas and elective clinics from the ground up. 

By combining the benefits of telehealth, CRM and marketing, and billing, AestheticNow meets med spas’ every digital need in a complete package. 

It’s even built to help bring your patients back for more with an integrated member rewards and loyalty program. Don’t let your clients stop at just one procedure. Help them reach their full potential. 

After all, wellness means improvement everywhere opportunities can be found. 

Contact us now for a free consultation and find the opportunities for you and your med spa to improve and become the best you can be in the new digital world. 

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