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Provide Exceptional Patient Care Virtually

Telehealth is here to stay. It’s transforming practices and improving patient experiences at clinics from coast to coast.

Video consultations are convenient and allow you to see more patients regardless of their location. But virtual care goes beyond video visits. It also includes secure, text messaging with patients, as well as sharing medical information, documents and photos with your patients.

RxPortal blends virtual care solutions seamlessly with the entire PatientNow platform, so notes from virtual visits and all correspondence with patients are securely stored and accessible from the patient record.

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Patient Care Is Just a Click Away

Remote Consultations

Conduct secure, HIPAA-compliant video consultations with patients using RxPortal’s telehealth feature. Your patients will love the convenience of video consultations, and since telehealth removes time and geographical barriers, you’ll be able to serve more patients.

Our telehealth platform allows you and your patients to securely upload and share photos, videos and documents during virtual visits, making it easy to visually explain procedures. All uploaded content and clinical notes are automatically saved to the patient record for future reference.

Improve Your Practice’s Vitals


Increase Efficiency & Eliminate Tedious Tasks

Purge Paper Forms

Improve patient experiences and expedite your pre-appointment process with contactless check-in that allows patients to fill out digital registration forms from the comfort of home on any device. Completed forms populate the patient record, reducing errors and freeing your staff from data entry.

Automate Timely Reminders

Your front office staff will love the convenience of reducing no-shows and cancellations without manually confirming appointments. RxPortal integrates seamlessly with PatientNow’s patient engagement tools, so strategically timed appointment reminders can be sent automatically via text and email.

Improve Your Practice’s Vitals


Connect With Your Patients Between Visits

Get Personal

Empower your patients to take an active role in the care they receive from your practice. With RxPortal you can communicate directly with your patients via secure, encrypted text messaging. Patients can upload photos and videos to help describe their symptoms, and you can securely share personal medical information, educational materials, documents and pictures with patients.

Improve Your Practice’s Vitals

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