Looking to Promote Your HRT Services? How a Health & Wellness CRM Can Help 

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) patients are a discerning target audience who take their bodies and their hormones very seriously. They do their research, and if they find a problem with a clinic, they move on to find another one. 

When a clinic markets to such a group, it needs to take its marketing to the next level and treat every customer with the personal care that they deserve. With a combined system for every need, AestheticNow helps clinics do just that. 

Specialized Design for Holistic Health & Wellness Services 

Instead of a legacy EMR software to track patient records and a broad-base CRM designed to be used for any business, at PatientNow we encourage a more coordinated approach. 

We offer a combined EMR and CRM software solution designed from the very start to serve clinics and med spa providers of hormone replacement therapy and a variety of other elective and aesthetic procedures. 

With all information stored in a secure cloud environment, clinics no longer have to reconcile two separate sets of records that must be updated and re-synchronized through manual data input. 

This fusion streamlines the process of regular data updates, which ensures hormone replacement therapy patient monitoring becomes a valued service instead of a chore. 

With the human error caused by fatigue and duplicate entries out of the equation, staff with access to private health information can spend less time on busywork. Instead, they can focus more on excellent patient experiences, which increase referrals and attract new patients through positive reviews. 

Marketing Analytics Drive Direction in Real-Time 

When any business attempts to market its service in the modern digital landscape, it needs to gather as much data as possible. Gut instinct and luck cannot keep up with competitors that gather data to observe which efforts have the most impact and on whom. 

Our combined CRM-EMR platform not only helps communicate with patients between their visits but encourages them to visit more. It empowers clinics to spread the word about new services and specials with easy-to-design emails and response-driving text messages, sorted into segments to target the right customers. 

Even better, it gathers information about which types of patients open and forward which communications. This understanding empowers marketers to respond in real-time and adjust their approach to maximize marketing ROI and confirm which demographics respond best to particular hormone replacement therapy initiatives. 

Combined with revenue reporting analytics, we make it easy to see if, when, and how interactions with patients make a difference in the bottom line. 

Combined EMR and CRM to Enhance Patient Experience 

Designed for HRT providers, AestheticNow leverages its unique capabilities for HIPAA-compliant record storage to boost marketing efforts. We help gather the information that can be used to celebrate victories with an influx of consistent high-quality before/after photo comparisons. 

Using instructions displayed on-screen, grids to encourage consistent alignment, and reliable sign-off templates, we make it easy to construct a collection of comparable photos to prove to leads that your clinic makes results happen. 

With digital consent forms to encourage patients to provide these materials, we give clinics the power to demonstrate their prowess. Our secure telehealth services offer existing patients the chance to share updates and adjust their plans with more granularity and better oversight than ever before. 

Hormone replacement therapy is a delicate balancing act, and the ability to meet with patients as often as possible helps adjust their plans to ensure the most optimal results.

Because AestheticNow conducts these meetings in the same interface as CRM marketing and all other communications, clinicians can access a patient’s entire customer journey at any time from any secure device. 

All these benefits make it easier to serve the patient and leave them satisfied. Satisfied patients leave better reviews at higher rates than those who are unsatisfied, which helps spread the word of your successes organically. 

Let’s transform your practice together!

Encourage, Filter, and Address Customer Feedback Before It Hits the Internet 

AestheticNow boosts review rates with messages sent to customers just hours after their visit, within the window of the time when reviews are likeliest. This approach helps take advantage of the feelings of confidence fostered in patients after the quality care AestheticNow helps provide. 

Rare negative experiences spread across the internet fast and can shatter reputations cultivated over the years —especially among savvy HRT patients who conduct careful and thorough research on providers of this specialized service before they commit to a regimen capable of permanently changing their minds and bodies. 

AestheticNow makes it easy to address patient concerns before they reach the internet with tools that filter reviews and give clinics the opportunity to make things right. A disappointed customer can be transformed into a satisfied one with a careful touch and the right opportunities — which we provide. 

At the same time, only top-quality positive reviews make it through this process, which puts clinics in a positive light and celebrates them at their very best. 

This cutting-edge tool to manage your reputation and locate patient pain points is part of the same CRM, EMR, and marketing package as every other software solution we provide. Our single interface removes the busywork and program-switching from daily operations and makes the hardest parts of the day that much easier. 

Make Guesswork and Busywork a Thing of the Past with RxMarketing 

We can improve your clinic’s bottom line, and we’re ready to prove it. Don’t hesitate to make dual data entry a thing of the past and take the estimates out of your marketing approach at the same time. 

Designed for clinics and med spas, AestheticNow addresses every business need, from marketing to billing to CRM to EMR. This one-stop shop for your business needs is certain to save money on licensing fees and training time and help prioritize the patients — which helps your clinic grow. 

Automatic appointment reminders, automated billing, and membership options that keep the best patients coming back again and again — AestheticNow has it all, and we encourage you to contact us today to try our demo and know for certain that we’re right for you. 

See how PatientNow can improve your practice’s vitals.

The industry’s only complete solution to managing all aspects of elective medical practices, built specifically for today’s modern medical landscape.
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