How Med Spas Can Retain Customers Like a Business, Not a Healthcare Provider 

Repeat business from loyal customers keeps a med spa in business. A relationship built over time with customers who know they can rely on you for their wellness solutions is hard to break and keeps them coming back for more. 

Clients can’t reach wellness in a single procedure or program. They strive to reach and maintain wellness for their entire life. As your business expands, you can provide this for them. 

New programs and procedures help meet clients’ ever-changing needs, but they can’t take advantage of them if they don’t know about them. A regular flow of information to clients from a trusted source keeps them in the know. 

Whether discounts, promotions, new procedures, and additional options, an informed customer appreciates your relationship with them and reaches out for repeat business. 

But email, text, social media, and mail campaigns take time and manpower that med spas of every size can’t afford to spare. How should a provider reach their waiting clients and balance their duty of care with those in their office? 

Differences from a Typical Provider 

Consider that med spas are not a typical healthcare provider. Health and wellness clinics focus on proactive procedures rather than reactive treatments. 

A more typical healthcare provider addresses symptoms after they emerge. They either mitigate the symptoms or treat the root cause. In either case, they aim to return the patient to the status quo. 

Now, consider med spas. These health and wellness providers don’t treat symptoms but instead empower clients to build a better life from all angles. To do so, they perform elective procedures requested by clients rather than medically necessary ones ordered by doctors. 

So clients come to you when they want to improve their wellness, not when they encounter a problem with their health. They can want it on their own, of course. But you can bring that desire back if you: 

  • Educate them about how the new ways you can help 
  • Build a relationship to make them feel appreciated and welcome 
  • Remind them of how you helped them reach a new state of wellness before 

If you make them want to return to your med spa, you’ve had success with your marketing. 

But the want is key. Customers come to med spas because they want to, not because they need to. 

So med spas sell voluntary purchases, just like every other business. And when it comes to repeat clients, managing your existing relationship with them makes voluntary purchases much more likely. 

To make that happen, med spas — like other businesses — can use a CRM. 

What Is a CRM? 

RxMarketing is proud to provide AestheticNow, a medially-oriented customer relationship management (CRM) software. 

This dashboard is not a generic system that appeals to as many businesses as possible. Instead, we designed it from the ground up for elective medical care providers to help them grow their business. 

In short, a CRM is a program that collects as much information about your clients in a single location. Instead of a contact list, a Rolodex, or a filing cabinet, it digitizes patient billing records and contract information in a single place and makes complicated marketing campaigns a breeze. 

Benefits of CRM Systems 

Consolidated information might not sound like much, but the benefits of CRM systems are many. 

While most med spas don’t have thousands of clients, they can still think and act like a major enterprise with this kind of clientele. This can bring some surprising benefits to the smaller scale.


Rather than a variety of systems that force your office staff to constantly waste time clicking between windows (a few seconds a thousand times a day adds up fast!), AestheticNow’s CRM option consolidates all of your customers’ information which results in time savings from every angle imaginable. 


When office staff only need to learn a single program, new hires spend less time learning the ropes and more time helping clients. 

Data Entry 

The days of entering the same data into multiple systems are gone. Instead, you only need to enter a client’s information once for it to incorporate into every system. 

Let’s transform your practice together!


A CRM that brings everything together not only saves time — it saves money. Since time is money, you gain savings from two directions. 


When you use a single program, you cut down on more than training time. As more and more programs adopt a “software-as-a-service” (SaaS) model, upkeep for a full suite of programs becomes expensive. 

Instead, your med spa can pay for one program that does it all and leave the rest by the wayside. 


An uncomplicated program suite means less can go wrong, and fewer moving parts mean more business uptime. Major corporations lose thousands of dollars for every second of downtime. Med spas don’t have the same scale, which means losing out on even a single client due to downtime can be catastrophic. 

Fewer points of failure mean your IT team can specialize, and if something goes wrong, they can jump on it fast. 

Data Security 

Since you gather patient billing information and rely on their information and history with you to build future relationships, any data a CRM stores must remain secure at all costs. 

AestheticNow offers a cloud-based storage solution that keeps your customers’ information secure and automatically backs up that information in case of data loss or corruption. 

Marketing and Relationships 

This is the most important benefit of a medical CRM. In addition to contact information and billing history, you can sort your customers into categories. 

Rather than review each client file every time you release a new product or start a new promotion and send them the relevant information, a CRM sends marketing communications to the appropriate categories with nothing more than a few clicks. 

RxMarketing’s AestheticNow : Bring the Benefits of CRM Systems to Healthcare 

We designed AestheticNow for med spa providers from the ground up and are proud to bring this quality CRM to the world of wellness. 

Contact us today for a trial license so we can prove AestheticNow is the right choice for you. 

See how PatientNow can improve your practice’s vitals.

The industry’s only complete solution to managing all aspects of elective medical practices, built specifically for today’s modern medical landscape.
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