How PatientNow is Transforming Plastic Surgery with Their New EMRs 

Electronic medical records (EMRs) are quickly revolutionizing how doctors in all fields interact with and treat their patients, especially in plastic surgery. EMR software such as PatientNow’s suite of EMRs for plastic surgery is pioneering what healthcare can look like. It has transformed patient communication and collaboration between doctors while streamlining data handling, making it easier to view a comprehensive overview of all aspects of a patient’s care in one place. 

With this technology continuing to develop, our EMRs are enabling better medical care than ever before, ultimately making a huge difference in the lives of physicians and patients. Let’s look at how this new technology is transforming the field of plastic surgery. 

What is an EMR, and How Can an EMR System Help Your Plastic Surgery Practice? 

Electronic medical records, commonly known as EMRs, are digital versions of traditional paper-based medical records. Whereas paper documents can be challenging to store and cumbersome to access, EMRs provide secure storage and much faster retrieval of patient information. In addition to storing vital medical data such as allergies, immunizations, and test results, EMRs are also equipped with robust search capabilities that facilitate diagnosis and streamline the communication of relevant information between care providers. 

In the case of plastic surgery, EMR software offers medical practitioners the key to a secure, efficient, reliable practice in plastic surgery management. EMR systems provide practitioners access to their patient’s medical history, personal information, treatment plan, and upcoming appointments, all in just one place. 

What Can Patient Now’s EMR Software Provide Your Plastic Surgery Practice? 

PatientNow EMR software has proven to be a helpful tool for plastic surgery practices. With its secure data storage, customizable patient portal, and streamlined PoS system, PatientNow can help take these businesses to the next level. Its appointment scheduling features allow for more efficient management of patient records and other tasks, while electronic prescriptions, paperless documents, and comprehensive reports guarantee that these businesses operate without compromising data security or accuracy. 

The software was designed with the needs of plastic surgery practitioners in mind. It offers many benefits like optimized functions, reduced staff workload, and increased revenue opportunities. If you run a plastic surgery business, PatientNow’s EMR software is worth considering, as it could boost your operation. 

How Does Patient Now’s Software Change the Way You Look at Data? 

How does a plastic surgery practice become successful? It starts with equipping the office with state-of-the-art technology to ensure exceptional patient outcomes. EMR software like PatientNow is just one way to maximize efficiency and reduce costs around running a cosmetic surgery office. Here are some of the ways our software does so:

Strong Security Features

As a plastic surgery practice, you know how important it is to protect your clients’ information and keep their treatments and surgeries confidential. EMR software can assure your clients that you take client confidentiality seriously. Our EMR software has various safety features to ensure your client’s data remains secure. 

From restricted access to authentication requirements, we have all the bases covered. Data encryption provides an added level of security on our HIPAA-compliant cloud server, so only authorized personnel can access sensitive information. Strengthen your relationship with your clients and offer them the peace of mind of knowing their personal information is stored in a safe and secure environment.

Want an inside look at the PatientNow EMR?

Automated Management for Your Practice

PatientNow already has templates for quickly converting paper charts into electronic records so that you can have immediate access to your patient data, including images, consent forms, lab reports, prescription history, emails, and more – all stored in one central location for easy retrieval. Plus, PatientNow’s robust practice management tools automate many manual processes and simplify tasks allowing you to spend more time connecting with each patient. EMR software is an essential ingredient for success in running your plastic surgery practice.

Stronger Client Relationships

With our EMR software, you can provide your clients with a more personalized experience. Our integrated CRM system allows you to take marketing and advertising into your own hands, so you can ensure that your plastic surgery procedures are advertised effectively. 

This also allows for improved communication between yourself and the client, which will give them increased confidence in trusting you with their treatments. Our EMR software simplifies treatment bookings and helps prevent long waiting times or booking mishaps. Clients can update their details to control the information you share, allowing them to feel safe and secure.

Streamlined Communication

EMR software can offer big advantages to plastic surgery practices. With one shared system, EMR allows staff members and owners to communicate with each other easily and to share client details with all concerned parties. Managing treatments from one place simplify the process, providing quick access for those who need it. EMR also offers integrated emails and texts for clients, helping them stay in the loop about follow-ups, promotions, and more. These features could boost business, allowing practices to optimize their customer relations like never before!

Transform Your Plastic Surgery Practice With Our EMR Software

With EMR software from PatientNow, you can make your plastic surgery practice more efficient and client-friendly. Our EMR software is designed to be intuitive and simplify patient management in a way that serves clients well. This helps to create a unique, memorable experience for patients, which leads to greater satisfaction with your practice overall. We seek to bridge the gap between advanced EMR technology and creating an enjoyable client environment. Contact us today to learn more about how you can transform your plastic surgery practice with our EMR software!

See how PatientNow can improve your practice’s vitals.

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