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Telehealth may be relatively new in the post-COVID world, but it’s not going anywhere. Just as remote work has become normalized in our culture, so it goes with remote medicine. Obviously, telehealth can’t replace onsite treatment. But it is definitely a force to be reckoned with. 

What Is Telehealth?

Nowadays, people are connecting with their providers online, either via a phone call or through one of the many video conferencing tools now available. This approach provides many advantages for the patient, including:

  • No need to drive to the practice
  • No need to wait in a waiting room
  • No risk of exposure to pandemic viruses

But it provides your practice with considerable advantages as well:

  • Streamlined, online processes
  • More convenient patient interaction
  • Potential to expand your service territory 

Telehealth is particularly well-suited for elective procedure specialists because quite a lot of what you do can be done via video or phone.

What Is RxPortal?

RxPortal is PatientNow’s telehealth feature, and it just may change how your practice does business. It may even help your bottom line by increasing efficiency, reducing overhead, and boosting margins.

If you’re interested in extending your reach, RxPortal’s a game-changer.

Fully Integrated with PatientNow

RxPortal is fully integrated with PatientNow, your one-stop solution for everything from customer relationship management to key performance indicator tracking and beyond. Everything you need is accessible from your patients’ records, including photos, so it’s easy to do everything from follow-ups to consultations.

PatientNow is secure and HIPAA compliant, so any virtual care you provide is totally safe. Since it’s virtual, you’ll be able to increase the number of patients you see, no matter where they are.

And that’s better for your patients too. If they’re planning on being out of town during the time of their appointment, now there’s no reason they need to change their plans. They can just use RxPortal and keep their appointment from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Ready to reap the rewards of remote patient care?

What’s Included with RxPortal?

It’s a fact that remote, telehealth-style healthcare methods are convenient. RxPortal goes further with patient texting that’s completely secure and HIPAA compliant. You can also share photos and documents securely with your patients during their sessions, which pretty much makes the experience totally seamless. 

  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant online appointments
  • Safe sharing of medical information and images
  • Better efficiency with digital forms
  • Fewer missed appointments with automated reminders

When you add the convenience of portals to all these advantages, many patients may not even need to come in half as often as they are, which is a great way to build a reputation for outstanding customer service.

What Our Portals Will Do for Your Practice

It’s not personal, but if a patient can avoid setting foot inside a clinic for anything trivial or administrative like a consultation, they will jump at the chance, especially if they can teleconference in whenever it’s convenient for them. If they can also avoid sitting in a waiting room for half an hour, that’s just the icing on the cake.

Many patients considering elective procedures may jump at the chance to avoid coming into your facility simply because of the social pressures involved. 

Being able to jump on a video conference directly with you — their physician — could make a huge difference in the positivity of their experience at your med spa. It could make them your new biggest fan.

You’ll even be able to expand your practice’s footprint with geographical territory-busting digital power that removes all barriers to entry. That kind of approach to customer service is disruptive to industries in a good way, and it could accrue massive gains for your facility.

RxPortal is secure, and both you and your patients can upload and share anything relevant to the session, including images, documents, and even videos. 

This simplicity makes things easy to explain and demonstrate, especially for new patients. The sharing features alone may be the clincher for some, pushing them over the edge from prospect to customer. 

Additionally, everything uploaded to the session is automatically added to your patient’s EMR and properly organized so that you and your staff can easily access and use everything you need.

RxPortal for Forms and Appointments

The great quest in both business and life is to get away from the tedium and “do what you love.” You probably didn’t get into this business for the paperwork. 

Therefore, anything that boosts morale by eliminating humdrum tasks is a net win. If you add increased efficiency to the pot, everyone wants a taste. That’s exactly the recipe RxPortal cooks up for you.

Anything in your daily routine that’s a time sink needs to be purged. Like your annual garage sale, where you offload all of the junk that’s crowding you and dragging you down, our portals put your practice in the fast lane with features like:

  • Automated processes
  • Expedited pre-appointment tasks
  • Optimized patient experience
  • Contactless check-in

Your patients win, and so do you, because they get to fill out digital forms wherever and whenever they’re most comfortable doing so, and you get to enjoy how RxPortal’s code  automatically populates all that data into each patient’s EMR, all inside our fully integrated system.


Since RxPortal’s completely integrated with the PatientNow software platform, it automatically integrates with everything you need to get your patients scheduled. Reminders and confirmations are automated as well as strategic. They can be sent via email and text, so your patients are sure to make it to their virtual appointments.

Making It Personal

The worst thing about technology is how impersonal and sterile it can sometimes feel. But with our portal, you can use technology to make things personal again. 

Send texts to your patients with encrypted, secure protocols that ensure all of the information is private. Patients can easily upload any document, image, or video that helps explain their condition or symptom, making it much easier to consult with and advise them.

An empowered patient is a loyal and appreciative one, and RxPortal is the telehealth tool that enables the cultivation of that kind of relationship. 

Want a tour of RxPortal?

The industry’s only complete solution to managing all aspects of elective medical practices, built specifically for today’s modern medical landscape.
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