The 7 Systems the Best Medical Practice Management Software Offers in One Dashboard 

Medical Practice Management Software

When you switch to PatientNow, you gain the advantage of combining billing and financing EMR software with a variety of powerful marketing services that make it easy to streamline your operations. We provide one of the best medical practice software solutions on the market and can’t be beaten when it comes to features and practicality. 

With PatientNow, you can stop using separate medical practice management software packages for every aspect of your practice and use the single best medical practice management software out there. Our platform combines these seven essential features: 

1. Consolidated Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software  

With our EMR software records, you can get rid of your mountains of paperwork and relieve your staff with easy-to-use digital systems that let you improve the accuracy of your records. 

You can save time and streamline your processes with a secure client that makes it easy to dedicate more time to your patients and clients and give them the care and attention they deserve. 

Using our platform, you can take the stress out of everyone’s day and make life easier on your patients when you provide them service with a genuine smile. 

Your practice has access to everything you need in a single dashboard that combines:

  • Wireless consent forms 
  • Electronic prescriptions 
  • Integration with lab results and reports 

Best of all, you don’t have to enter your existing paper records all over again — an intuitive and efficient barcoding system streamlines the conversion process. Additionally, the program complies with HIPAA standards because it was built from the ground up for aesthetic medical providers, health & wellness clinics, and med spas. 

2. Streamlined Practice Management 

Automatic management cuts out the stress of micromanagement for both you and your staff. No one enjoys it or wants to do it, but you likely find that there are times when it must be done. However, PatientNow’s practice management software makes that kind of close-up management a thing of the past. 

This system combines automation for simple processes like appointments, inventory, and billing with integrations that make lab work and reputation management easier than ever. It can also track tasks as they finish, either ahead of or beyond the deadline, so you can reward the employees who work best and coach the ones who fall behind. 

3. Improved Patient Engagement 

Patient engagement means keeping your repeat clients coming back for more and converting new ones all of the time. Energize your engagement with emails, texts, and more sent to patients, all sorted into categories that help you get them the information most applicable to them — and cut down on spam. 

Our one-of-a-kind system creates a holistic record of every interaction your patients have with your practice in one engagement center dashboard. 

You can track everything from visits and telehealth follow-ups to marketing messages and scheduled appointments so you can increase loyalty and maintain stronger ongoing relationships with your most valuable patients. 

Want an inside look at the PatientNow EMR?

4. Top-Quality Marketing 

If your online presence struggles to stand out from the crowd or convince potential patients to convert and book a consultation, we can help. With so much of clients’ initial research done online, your practice needs quality SEO to sit at the top of the rankings and bring clients to you before they find your competition.

A patient-focused digital marketing strategy takes hard work, RxMarketing takes care of everything you might need through its managed marketing solutions: 

  • Use integrated website design to create a custom-built mobile-friendly experience that makes customers feel good about using it 
  • Generate stunning galleries that provide the before-and-after views to wows potential clients 
  • Employ best in class SEO and SEM to make it easy for clients to find you online 
  • Produce easy-to-read and exciting content tailored to both your practice and your audience so you can connect, compel, and convert 
  • Build a social media following to connect with patients and enhance your online reputation through careful review curation 
  • Operate successful outbound marketing campaigns 

You can accomplish all this and more through with RxMarketing, which you can leverage in the same efficient, intuitive dashboard as the rest of our EMR solutions. 

5. Clear, Effective Photography 

RxPhoto makes your struggles with photography a thing of the past. Now you don’t have to rely on the few staff members who can take great photos. Instead, on-screen guides turn everyone on your payroll into professional photographers. 

In addition to the on-screen guides, the ghosting feature helps you use the patient’s “before” photo to line up the “after” and create the highest-quality comparisons. 

These photos also benefit from secure storage that keeps them off unsecured mobile devices and uploads them right to PatientNow’s HIPAA-compliant system to keep your patients’ identities and information safe. 

6. An Intuitive Patient Portal

Post-pandemic clients expect the same quality from their virtual care that they get when they visit the office. 

PatientNow includes telehealth appointments in the same dashboard as everything else but goes beyond virtual appointments to include secure text messaging and ways to share sensitive medical information, important documents, and photos between yourself and your patients. 

We combine this record of important visits with the records of marketing information, lab results, and customer procedures to build a complete record of the customer journey in one place. PatientNow also securely stores every piece of information that flows between you and the customer. 

With that complete record, you can easily reference the same narrative of your customer’s journey that they have in their memory. 

7. Secure Payment Processing 

Last but not least, PatientNow’s systems also handle your billing. 

Integrated payments and billing, inventory management, and financing all combine with your practice management software so you can see what costs you incur and what you need to do about them.  

RxPayments is already built into our practice management suite so that you can take advantage from the very beginning. 

Streamline Your Systems with PatientNow, RxMarketing and RxPayments 

PatientNow brings these 7 processes together into a single dashboard so you can manage every aspect of your practice in one place. Make program switching and maintenance difficulties a thing of the past. 

Try our demo to see how deploying the best medical practice management software will make your job easier than ever before. 

See how PatientNow can improve your practice’s vitals.

The industry’s only complete solution to managing all aspects of elective medical practices, built specifically for today’s modern medical landscape.
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