Why EMRs Are Essential for Plastic Surgery

Why EMRs Are Essential for Plastic Surgery | PatientNow

As a medical practitioner, you have likely heard of Electronic Medical Records even if you have not yet implemented them into your own practice. EMRs are digital forms of patient records that provide healthcare providers with all the information they need regarding their patients in seconds. EMRs have become increasingly important in plastic surgery as they allow for increased patient safety and outcomes along with a more efficient way to store and manage patient information. 

At PatientNow, we enable plastic surgeons and other practitioners to streamline their practices so that they can focus more on their patients, improve patient experience, and make their services even better. Our plastic surgery practice management software enhances patient safety and increases productivity by allowing easier coordination between practitioners, decreasing the risk of medication errors, and more.

Why EMRs Are Necessary for Plastic Surgery Practices

Comprehensive and Organized Patient Records

Our plastic surgery EMRs can give you a complete, highly-organized view of your patient’s data at the touch of a button. This includes information about appointments, individual treatment plans, medical history, current medications, allergies, and more. Because this information is essential for plastic surgery procedures, this allows you to have a more precise knowledge of your patient’s medical history so that you can increase the safety and efficacy of your procedures.

Streamlined Patient Scheduling and Management

You can improve patients’ experience by streamlining their scheduling using EMR software. Our platform allows you to schedule and access appointment times easily. This can help to reduce wait times and improve patient satisfaction.

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Improved Focus on Patient Outcomes

As a plastic surgeon, patient outcomes are your highest priority. By having real-time access to all of your patient data, including medication lists, dosage instructions, and medical history, you can reduce the risk of medication errors. This can lead to better results with a lower chance of complications during plastic surgery procedures.

Increased Interconnectivity Between Practitioners

EMR software can help to facilitate better communication between all the healthcare providers who are involved in your patient’s care at your facility. This can include surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, and any other medical professionals. This centralized system allows you to share information and communicate about patient needs. This increases the overall quality of care for your patients. 

Increased Efficiency Within Your Practice

Increased efficiency and productivity within your practice can result in better patient care because it allows you to spend more of your time with your patient rather than with their paperwork. EMRs allow you to more quickly manage patient records, schedule appointments, and track patient progress. This can enhance the overall quality of your care.

PatientNow – An Industry-Leading Platform for Plastic Surgeons

Our plastic surgery EMR solutions are designed specifically to help plastic surgeons streamline their patient management. With our platform, it is easy to manage medical histories, lab results, and other information for each patient in your system. We can also help by sending automatic appointment reminders, enabling electronic prescribing of medications, and keeping track of appointments. You can also manage your before and after images through our platform to better track your patients’ progress. 

We offer customized solutions to fit the needs of your individual practice. Additionally, we provide ongoing training and support, including vast online resources, webinars, personalized training sessions, and more. We want to ensure that your practice and your patients thrive while using our EMR platform.

How EMRs Can Help With Common Plastic Surgery Procedures

Breast Augmentation

EMRs can help you quickly access data relevant to breast augmentation. This includes post-operative information collected during the consultation, such as breast implant size and type. It also allows you to monitor your patient’s progress as they recover from surgery. 


EMRs are used to help track all the pre-operative and post-operative information that you will need for each liposuction surgery. EMRs keep information such as patient weight and measurements, surgical locations, specific post-operative instructions, and patient goals in one easy-to-access location. 


By keeping medication lists, allergies, and patient status in one easy location, you can more quickly make recommendations for facelift surgery. Plastic surgery EMRs can also be used to document pre-operative imaging studies and to keep track of follow-up care for your patients. 

Tummy Tucks

Optimal patient outcomes for tummy tucks can depend on the surgeon’s care throughout the process. By helping you track patient data we can help you quickly determine candidacy, make a plan for treatment, and recommend post-operative care. 

How to Implement EMRs in Your Practice

Researching Your Options

When searching for good options for implementing EMRs into your plastic surgery practice, you will want to consider the suitability of the plastic surgery software for your practice, its usability, additional features, and the amount of ongoing support you will receive. You will want software that is designed for use by plastic surgeons, is customizable to your needs, and is easy to use. 

Training Your Staff

Once you have chosen a platform, it will be time to train your staff on its usage. Proper staff training is essential for ensuring a smooth transition from your current system to a digital system. In addition to preliminary training, be sure to provide consistent and ongoing training to keep your staff up to date. 

Customizing Your System

Every practice needs forms that match its specific practice. You will have a chance to customize your system so that it works for you and fits seamlessly into the workflow and process that you already have in place. 

Monitor and Evaluate Your Performance

Once you have implemented your plastic surgery practice management software and trained your staff, it will be time to monitor and evaluate your performance. We offer robust reporting and analytics to help you get the most out of your platform, and we are here with all the training and support you need. 

Improve Your Plastic Surgery Practice Management With EMRs

If you are ready to take your practice to the next level, it may be time to invest in plastic surgery software. At PatientNow, we will guide you through the transition process. Reach out to us online today to request a demo or call us at (800) 436-3150.

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