Streamline Your Practice Management This Summer with the Best EMR for Plastic Surgery

Summer means a time for fitness and a time for showing off skin. 

Whether it’s at the beach, camping, or just wearing smaller clothes to ward off the summer heat, people are looking at their bodies with a more critical eye than they would during the winter months. 

That means it’s the perfect time to prepare for a seasonal rush as potential clients think about how they can better present themselves. 

They wonder which elective procedures might serve them best, and you know you can provide them with a great result. Plastic surgery practices hate to turn clients away, but if the influx of clients threatens to overwhelm your staff, you may have to. 

That’s money and repeat customer loyalty left on the table because the determined won’t wait — they’re going to go elsewhere. 

An EMR for plastic surgery makes it easy to manage all these new clients. It cuts out the boring menial work of practice management that leads to human errors and wastes time. This system frees staff at all levels to take care of what matters most — your clients.

7 Ways PatientNow Automates Processes and Simplifies Procedures 

When you free labor hours from menial tasks like billing and inventory, you free up more time to give your clients a positive experience. You can use a confusing collection of discrete plastic surgery EMR tools — or a single EMR for plastic surgery like AestheticNow. 

PatientNow includes everything plastic surgery practices need to make their businesses absolute successes. Every task you can hand off to a computer is automated. Computers are great at following instructions and completing the same repetitive tasks without error, unlike humans.

Even the best team members get bored and make mistakes as their attention slips. With the following 7 functions automated with software, you can let your office staff focus on higher-level tasks and decrease the number of patients who you must turn away:  

1. Scheduling 

You have to get your new Summer clients through the door before you can give them the great service you provide. Built for aesthetic and elective procedure clinics, the scheduling component of PatientNow gives you the tools to allocate your staff, resources, and tasks. 

You can assign the right staff to the right job and keep them free from the menial work that PatientNow takes on. Automate patient interaction and communication so your staff can work on more practical tasks. 

Our scheduling features can automatically: 

  • Send reminders
  • Block off schedules
  • Identify appointment types
  • Ensure confirmations
  • List individual provider schedules
  • Manage your wait lists
  • Reserve rooms, equipment, and resources
  • Sync with Outlook and smartphones
  • Track patient flow

With all that calendar work out of the way, you’re free to keep your customer-facing staff facing your customers instead of a computer.

2. Digital Document Storage 

HIPAA-compliant cloud storage keeps your clients’ information and history safe and secure. Access prior client records fast and incorporate new clients into your existing archive in seconds.

The PatientNow archive manages more than client elective procedures — this EMR for plastic surgery records every interaction the client shares with your clinic, from forms and documents to photos, text messages, and telehealth appointments.

You can also generate reports from anywhere in the organization and free up the time spent on information entry and file searches.

3. Productivity Optimization 

Free up your schedule and stop micromanaging. Your staff dislikes it, and so do you.

Instead, use this plastic surgery EMR to identify time-sucking activities and productivity bottlenecks. You can identify struggling employees and discover when you need to shift workloads.

This monitoring system also gives you the power to spot and reward your top performers and incentivize everyone else. With PatientNow, you can increase your employees’ satisfaction as well as your clients’.

Want an inside look at the PatientNow EMR?

4. Maintain Financial Wellness 

You provide your clients with a sense of holistic well-being and increase their overall life satisfaction. PatientNow makes it easy to do the same for your practice.

When you automate your practice’s financial processes like billing, quoting, payments, and conversions, you save your team hours of work. Allowing technology to handle these tasks gives your staff more time to put out  financial fires and deal with patient’s questions, not count tabs in a spreadsheet. Automated reporting makes it easy to see where the money is going, close out each day and provide transparency to management. Flexible payment processing ensures your clients can pay you easily so you can pay the bills.

5. Reputation Management 

Your reputation matters. 

Instead of an in-person ask for a review, our automated system contacts clients just after their visit (when patients are most willing to leave positive reviews). Then it sends the new review your way to make it easy to verify and post.

Best of all, you can intercept negative reviews and address critical feedback before anything goes public. A great practice corrects its mistakes before the dissatisfied customer has the chance to broadcast them to the entire internet. 

When all is said and done, you can show off those 5-star reviews through all your curated social media pages. 

6. Integrations 

PatientNow helps plastic surgery practices go beyond simple records with incredible integrations that enhance prescription and lab processes. Providers can select medications in seconds and transmit them to a pharmacy without a single handwritten script. 

Our system is compliant with regulations from both Medicare and the DEA; you can rest easy and know your clients’ information is safe with us. AestheticNow provides the same speed to providers with a lab. This integration has been shown to: 

  • Increase the accuracy of your results by 25%
  • Increase the efficiency of your staff by almost 20%
  • Improve the turnaround time of your reports by 30%
  • Improve satisfaction of your clients by 50%

If these numbers sound worth it for your plastic surgery practices, then you already know PatientNow can help.

7. Reporting 

Make second guesses, gut intuition, and hours of work spent on reports and documentation a thing of the past. 

Automatic analytics give you insight into key trends and let you pick out opportunities to improve with ease. Spend less time on research to help you make a decision and more time on the decision itself. 

Sound Too Good to Be True? Let Us Prove It 

Contact PatientNow today for a demo to try all our wonderful features for yourself. See how you can increase your efficiency to manage the surge of Summer clients headed your way. 

See how PatientNow can improve your practice’s vitals.

The industry’s only complete solution to managing all aspects of elective medical practices, built specifically for today’s modern medical landscape.
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