Improving Your Plastic Surgery Center: 7 Ways to Monitor Patient Trends with EMR

Technology has always been at the forefront of the medical profession. For thousands of years, physicians, scientists, and field researchers have been discovering new ways to improve the quality of their patient care. 

This advancing care can include new and improved medical tools, cutting-edge diagnostic tests that provide better insight, and even record-keeping devices that allow healthcare providers to redefine the experience of their patients and staff.

Ever since its inception, the practice of plastic surgery has modeled its procedures, protocols, and improvements after the general medical community as a whole, keeping the two communities linked. 

Early practitioners created the plastic surgery industry to improve patient health and boost patients’ confidence across all ages and lifestyles. 

The technology used to treat plastic surgery recipients is always expanding—sometimes alongside general medicine, and at other times, within its distinct field.

PatientNow is an excellent example of a technological advancement designed with enough general usage capabilities to apply to just about any medical practice but one that works particularly well for those in the plastic surgery space. 

This state-of-the-art technology is designed to make cosmetic surgery practices run even more efficiently and effectively through high-quality organization and analytics capabilities. 

With PatientNow, these capabilities are seamlessly deployed through plastic surgeon EMR or “electronic medical records” software.

EMR allows the easy conversion of paper data charts and patient files to a digital format, offering increased ease of access while freeing your busy staff from time-consuming data entry tasks. 

Your team can quickly access patient records and other information in one central location with plastic surgeon EMR solutions, which greatly simplify workflows for cosmetic surgery staff while also improving the customer experience for your patients.

Implementing a plastic surgeon EMR system like PatientNow can improve your cosmetic surgery practice in various significant and trackable ways.

A major feature of EMR-based clinic management is the ability to stay on top of patient trends. 

Trend management includes tracking the activities and experiences of current patients as they pertain to your practice while staying apprised of overall industry standards that could affect your business in the future.

Curious about how exactly PatientNow could improve your cosmetic surgery practice’s ability to predict and respond to patient trends and behavior? 

Let’s explore seven of the most distinct ways that plastic surgeon EMR software comes in handy in this respect.

Analyze Existing Patient Relationships 

EMR is designed to keep all patient-related documents and information stored digitally in one convenient database. 

Digital storage means that any specific patient’s procedure history within your practice can be easily accessed in seconds, allowing your staff to better understand why the patient came to your practice in the first place and what services were performed. 

Using this information, you can stay aware of individualized patient trends without having to rifle through cabinets full of paperwork. 

Keep Apprised of Patient Experience 

Another benefit of easy digital access to patient records using a plastic surgeon EMR is its ability to enhance and customize the patient experience at your practice. 

With greater access to a patient’s personal information, including images, emails, lab reports, and procedure history, the staff at your cosmetic surgery practice will be able to provide an unmatched level of personalized cosmetic healthcare. 

Staff and care teams can also stay aware of trends within the overall patient experience so that the practice can improve based on real-world feedback. 

Stay Connected to Patients with RxPortal 

Now more than ever, telehealth is a common way for healthcare providers to extend their coverage to multiple patients. Cosmetic procedure practices often utilize telehealth for consultations or follow-ups with patients. 

PatientNow’s RxPortal doesn’t just allow members of your care team to reach out directly to patients without in-person appointments; it also automates the collection of telehealth-related data so your team can identify and act on client-service trends. 

Connect with Other Health Providers 

A high-quality plastic surgeon EMR is a great way for cosmetic surgery practitioners to connect through a central database. 

Through this open communication, practices that operate from several locations can share data and analytics regarding patient behavior, allowing a centralized understanding of larger patient trends to emerge.

By working together to identify and respond to emerging patient needs, a team can build better standards of practice and treat more patients more successfully. 

Market Effectively with RxMarketing 

Tracking patient trends without an effective digital marketing strategy already in place is sure to yield mixed and largely inaccurate results. 

With RxMarketing and PatientNow, cosmetic procedure practices can design a unique and impactful marketing strategy that utilizes multiple channels and takes advantage of current market trends, all within the centralized organization of our high-quality plastic surgeon EMR.

Improved marketing can lead to better long-term client relationships and a better standard of care, as it targets the right patients for each clinic’s specialties and services. 

Track Your Clinic’s Activities 

While staying aware of patient trends can help practices understand the behaviors of individual patients, analysis that targets only individuals lacks sufficient scope to guide effective institutional change. 

A better way to examine patient trends on a larger scale is to track the analytics of patients within your practice as a whole. 

EMR analysis allows you to understand what procedures your patients typically undergo and which services tend to attract the most attention from potential patients. 

Analyze Patient Referrals 

Though it’s important to invest in a smart and thorough marketing strategy using a top-notch plastic surgeon EMR, word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools of any cosmetic procedure practice. 

When your patients have a good experience with your staff and enjoy the results of their procedures, they’re more likely to spread the word about your practice to friends and family. 

You can utilize plastic surgeon EMR with PatientNow to keep records of the patient referral information that your practice collects, allowing you to understand why your patients refer others to your practice. You can even solicit positive reviews with our innovative digital marketing tool!

Level Up Your Practice with Plastic Surgeon EMR 

Plastic surgery practices worldwide are making the change and improving staff efficiency, boosting patient experience, and increasing revenue with EMR technology and PatientNow. 

Ready to take a step toward an even better cosmetic surgery practice today? Contact us to find the perfect PatientNow package for your needs.

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