Charge Capture

Capture Charges

The Charge Capture rapid charge entry screen can be used to enter charges during or after the appointment.

You can enter procedures and diagnosis with the click of a mouse through predefined superbills.  To speed up charge entry, you can create superbills as categories containing sets of codes.

Once a charge is closed, Charge Capture merges the charges with templates and a document is created and automatically filed into the PatientNow chart. Charge Capture then sends the information through HL7 to interface with most practice management systems on the market today.

Besides allowing you to add codes from predefined superbill categories, Charge Capture provides instant access to Ingenix coding, billing, compliance and reimbursement information online.

Updates are delivered directly to the application and all of your code sets are included with the purchase of PatientNow.

Lay descriptions and indicators help you understand whether a code carries a sex or age edit; is covered by Medicare; or contains bundled procedures.

You can also see which modifiers are valid for particular CPT and/or HCPCS codes as well as being able to find all of the valid ICD-9 code related to a particular procedure. This is a great tool for doing coding research and makes creating your superbill definitions an easy and accurate process.