Conversion Services & BarcodeNow

With conversion services from PatientNow, we can take your paper or electronic files and convert them to electronic files for immediate access. Once the conversion is complete and the paper is eliminated, everyone in your office will be using EMR. We recommend making this transition quickly.

Included features in PatientNow allow you to manage your own document conversion:

  • Scan documents in batches or use BarcodeNow for fast production scanning
  • Enhance images with Fujitsu scanners that include Virtual Re-Scan (VRS) from Kofax

Scanning Services

We have developed partnerships with companies across the country to provide scanning services. These companies are experts at document conversion. In most cases, they can complete scanning all of your paper charts in a few weeks.

Paper files can be prepped for scanning, indexed, quality checked and imported directly into your PatientNow system. Experienced operators perform the steps necessary to meet each departments needs. Whether it’s 5000 pages per week or 1 million pages, professionals handle all the steps in the agreed upon time frame and delivery. Documents can be picked up at your site, scanned and then either returned, stored or destroyed.

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BarcodeNow is used primarily during paper chart to electronic chart conversions. With PatientNow, any existing paper charts are scanned and indexed into PatientNow. This can either happen as each new patient is scheduled or during a one-time batch paper chart conversion process.

With BarcodeNow, you select the patient for the chart that you are importing, and then BarcodeNow prints out separator sheets with barcodes for each of the tabs you have defined. You then put these sheets in place of each tab in the chart and place the entire chart into the scanner. PatientNow will automatically index the documents into the correct patient and tab. Barcode sheets can be printed out for groups of patients in advance using this process.

The really nice thing about BarcodeNow is that there is no messy application of barcodes to original documents – and it saves a huge amount of time during paper chart conversions.

Data Conversions

PatientNOW will work with you to export data from your current system and import to PatientNOW. Our data import team will review your system and determine which data elements can be exported.