EMR & Paperless Office

  • Meaningful use certified
  • Paperless document management
  • Patient clinical data
  • Consent forms with wireless signature
  • EMR barcode system reduces manual indexing

Patient Portal

  • We-based portal
  • Easy, convenient and secure patient registration
  • From the comfort of home:
  • Medical history
  • Prescriptions
  • Sign consent forms

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Prescription writing has always been an area of much debate between physicians, pharmacists and patients. Taking the extra time to decipher a physician’s handwriting may sound like a feasible resolution. Contacting the physician (if available) to discuss the prescription is also an alternative. But there is any easier way to ensure that everyone knows what is being prescribed – and it takes less time than writing out the prescriptions by hand. It’s electronic prescription writing:

  • Electronic prescriptions
  • Controlled substances
  • Meet all Medicare requirements
  • Drug allergy warnings

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Lab Interface

Coming Summer of 2018