Grow your Practice with Medical Spa Scheduling Software

Scheduling and managing appointments is an important component in the day-to-day operations of any successful medical spa. An optimized patient scheduling process is critical to both physician efficiency and patient satisfaction. PatientNOW’s comprehensive medical spa scheduling software helps streamline and automate your appointment-setting procedures, ensuring your practice is running at peak performance and maximizing effectiveness.

Pre-defined appointment types and intuitive features allow your staff to start managing patient visits in minutes. Schedules can quickly be set up for specific providers and staff, based on the requested procedure.

Other booking features include:

  • Pre-set time blocks based on the treatment to reduce scheduling inconsistencies
  • Real-time notifications of appointment cancellations and availability
  • Automated appointment reminder system that notifies patients and staff via text or email
  • Web-based scheduling for easy access from any Internet browser and most smart phones
  • Intuitive data synchronization with Microsoft Outlook
  • Color-coded appointment visualization to easily note appointments and daily schedules
  • Customizable views of variable time increments based on your preferences

Improving the Patient Experience with Well-Structured Appointment Flow

PatientNOW’s medical spa scheduling is designed both to minimize scheduling headaches for staff and to improve the overall patient experience. Patients have the option to complete and submit paperwork prior to their appointment. From check-in to check-out, PatientNOW works to enhance and optimize the “flow” of patients through your office. Once patients check in, patient tracking technologies are employed to provide staff with real-time information on where patients are and how long they’ve been there. Using the Appointment Flow box, patients can easily be placed in the waiting area and then moved to any room, providing all staff members with real-time updates as patients progress through each stage of their office visit.

Simple to Learn and Easy to Set Up

Our medical spa scheduling software’s user-friendly features make training a snap. The short learning curve means most front desk staff members are fluently using the tool in a day or less. Additional benefits include:

  • Custom medical spa scheduling options and hundreds of preferences
  • Professionally designed, printable check-in documents or Electronic Patient Sign-in
  • Electronic documentation and filing for reduced paperwork

Create a Fast, Efficient Medical Spa Scheduling Workflow

PatientNOW has everything your medical spa needs to efficiently manage patients and create a well-organized front office workflow. In addition to stress-free scheduling, we offer complete document management with our certified EMR system, medical spa email marketing, inventory, point of sale, photo management, invoices, custom gift certificates and much more!

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