Integrated Payment Processing

Drive revenue, reduce operational costs & accelerate innovation… all delivered through a single, simplified payment platform.

Benefits & Features

Competitive Pricing
We provide aggressive, competitive pricing for new practices.
Streamline Workflow
Improve operational efficiency with our simplified payments solution.
Single Sourced Solution
Only one number to call for all of your needs & support.
Card Present & Card on File
Accept payments on-site via credit card or via card on file.
Pay-in-Room (Coming Soon)
Increase revenue & patient volume by accepting payments in the treatment.
Simplify the check-out process & enhance the overall patient experience in your practice.

Integrated Payments
Our integrated payments provides a number of benefits to practices, including:

  • Frictionless onboarding experience
  • Increased pricing control
  • Improved solution pricing
  • Reduced competitive pricing pressure
  • Simplified future integrations
  • Greater feature control
  • Risk management


To schedule a demo of our simplified payment system, contact:

800-436-3150 x980

Data Security & PCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) encompasses requirements that ensure anyone who processes, stores or transmits credit card information maintain a secure environment which does not compromise the cardholder.

What Does This Mean For Our Customers?

PatientNOW Payments
Our secure payments solution maintains compliance with the PCI council, is PCI certified and compliant. This is maintained via annual validation ensuring compliance with the PCI standards that are strictly monitored and enforced.

Our platform / integration takes our customers out of the PCI scope. We do not store card data via the PAX device in which all transactions are encrypted / decrypted outside of the scope of the integration.

Why Is This Important?

Why This Matters
There are no monthly / annual costs to our customers for PCI Compliance.

There are also no annual Self Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ).

We maintain that our customers transact in a secure, PCI compliant, P2PE, environment.


To schedule a demo of our simplified payment system, contact:

800-436-3150 x980