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at the Medical Spa Show 2021

See the New PatientNow in Booth 604 & 610

Join the unveiling of the new PatientNow which has merged with Crystal Clear Digital Marketing and RxPhoto!

A Single Source for Your Clinic

Stop by the booth for a chat about how your practice can be more profitable, more efficient and more recognized with the new, comprehensive PatientNow platform.
Centralize and streamline all of your clinic activities for:

  • Practice Management
  • Patient Engagement
  • Marketing
  • Photography
  • Patient Portal

Let’s Transform Your Practice Together

Coming Together

PatientNow, Crystal Clear, and RxPhoto have joined forces. This pivotal merger fuses their flagship products into a robust, unified solution to manage and grow your practice from a single platform.

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Ever feel like running your practice takes more time and effort than it should? You’re not alone.

We’ve helped thousands of practices – just like yours – reduce their workload, boost efficiency, and increase revenue. Come join our family!

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